How to Book specific agent for a service

Now the Customers can directly book-specific Agents for their Appointments while using the Service Level Scheduling (Service Marketplace) flow. Allowing them to choose their service professional and giving you the edge of providing a more comfortable and familiar experience.

Learn how to do so by following the steps below:

  • Go to the Yelo Admin Dashboard:
  • Define Tags under Order Settings > Orders > Task Tagging.
  • Go to the Merchant’s Configurations > Task Tagging and assign this Tag to either a Category or a Product/Service.
  • Go to the Merchant’s Catalogue and enable Agent Scheduling for the required Product/Service.Agent Scheduling Yelo             Agent Scheduling YeloGo to the Tookan Admin Dashboard. Click on the menu option on the top right and choose the ‘Agents’ section
  • Click on the Edit menu on the right and Assign the same Tag to an Agent.
  • Turn on Agent Scheduling under Extensions on Tookan (this Scheduling will be used to book the respective Agents).
  • After an Order is placed, the Tags will be visible for an Order. An Agent will be assigned when the Task is created.On the Customers end:
  • Go to the Merchant.
  • Select a Service
  • Select an Agent.
  • Select slots
  • Place the Order.
  • After the order is placed, Agent will be visible under the Order details.

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