Create iOS customer mobile app from dashboard

iOS Requirement

  • Purchase Apple Developer Account by visiting
  • After purchase go to -> -> Account


  • Click on Certificates, Identifiers, and Profiles


  • Create new certificate -> select Apple Distribution (Recommended)  or iOS Distribution


  • A new window would ask you to upload a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

  • Steps to create new CSR using Keychain Access on Mac System
    • Open Keychain Access
    • Go to Keychain Access on the top left corner
    • Go to Certificate Assistant -> Request a new CSR
    • Fill out the information
    • Check ‘Saved to disk’ option

  • Upload the CSR generated and download the certificate

  • Install the downloaded certificate to the keychain

  • Search the same certificate in Keychain and export .p12
    • Go to Keychain Access -> My Certificates or Certificates (Left Panel Options)
    • Search the same certificate ( Apple Distribution or iOS Distribution )
    • File name example -> Apple Distribution : ACCOUNT_OWNER (TEAM ID)
    • Select the certificate and Key (Attached to a certificate in KC), select both -> right-click -> export 2 items
    • Make sure to enter ‘click’ for the password (otherwise, the system won’t work)

  • Go to the developer panel and create a new app ID
    A). Click on Identifier as shown
    B). Select App IDs
    C). Select APP as App type
    D). Fill out the information as shown
    E). For Bundle ID -> com.COMPANY_NAME.APP_NAME
    F). Select Push Notification from the list
    G). Hit continue

  • Register a new device ID to test apps
    A). Go to devices
    B). Register a new device
    C). Add Device Name & Device UDID
    D). How to get device UDID ->
    E). Hit C
  • Create a new ad-hoc provisioning profile
    A). Go to Profiles
    B). Select a new Adhoc Distribution Item as shown
    C). Select your app ID
    D). Select your generated Certificate
    E). Select All devices
    F). Enter the provisioning profile name and download

  • Remember to copy the team ID

  • Create a new project on Firebase
  1. Go to
  2. Create a new firebase app

  • Steps to get GoogleService-Info.Plist

    A. Create a new iOS app
    B. Enter the same app ID registered on the apple developer portal
    C. Enter optional details according to project
    D. Download GoogleService-Info.Plist


  1. Our system only supports builds for the Hybrid model.
  2. Please contact the support team for push notifications.
  3. The apps will only work on registered iOS devices as mentioned in step 11.
  4. Mac System required to create .p12 file.

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