Update Product details in Marketplace

Update Product details in Marketplace


Similar to adding product details, updating the information of your products in the marketplace is simple and straightforward with Yelo.



  1. On your Yelo dashboard, navigate to General -> Products.1-Update-Product-details-in-Marketplace


  2. You’ll see a list of product categories in your marketplace as below.2-Update-Product-details-in-Marketplace


  3. You can choose the category of which you want to update the product details by clicking on the three dots against it.3-Update-Product-details-in-Marketplace-920x371


  4. Click on Edit and you’ll see the list of products in that particular category. Again, choose the product you want to update the details for by clicking the three dots against it.4-Update-Product-details-in-Marketplace-920x363


  5. Click on Edit. You’ll see a dialogue box as below, wherein you can update the product details.5-Update-Product-details-in-Marketplace-920x411


  6. Once you update the details, click on Save.


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