Upload Category CSV File in Marketplace

Upload Category CSV File in Marketplace

Yelo offers an easy-to-use platform to create a multi-vendor marketplace. As merchants have to deal with bulk product uploads, yelo provides a simple procedure for the same. 

Here are the steps to follow to upload a category CSV file in the marketplace.  

  1. Login to Yelo>The admin page shows your dashboard, where you can access all of the required information about your business.

  2. Select Merchants from the Menu sidebar. From the Merchants page, select a merchant’s name.

  3. You will be redirected to the Merchants page. Select Catalog.

  4. From the catalog page, select Import/Export to go to the Import Catalog page

  5. Download the CSV file.

  6. Download the CSV file


  7. Go back to the Import catalog page, and select browse files

  8. Select the updated CSV file. Click Upload.

  9. Go Back to the Merchants page to check if the product catalog has been updated. 


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