Customer Wallet by Tookan

One of the most awaited features by Tookan is here: Customer Wallet

What is Customer Wallet?
Customer wallet provides an e-wallet for your customers, to which they can add money and pay for successive transactions. The entire hassle to add details again and again while making the payment is now saved.

How does it work?
Customer Wallet is designed primarily to provide two major functionalities:

1. E-wallet for successive Transactions
Customer Wallet best serves customers who place frequent orders. Money can be just added once and all subsequent transactions can be made from it. Saving not only customers time and effort but transactional cost as well.
2. Extending credit to customers
Extending credit to business customers allows them to purchase goods and services on credit and pay for them later on.
Customer wallet gives you the flexibility to offer Credit Limit to your business customers. You can select the customers whom you want to extend credit and set the limit value called as Customer Wallet Amount outstanding Limit. Once this limit is reached, customers won’t be able to do further transactions on credit until previous due is cleared.

Note: Customer wallet will be available in updated apps.

Read more about Customer Wallet here.

Get Customer Wallet for your business, now.

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