How to set Geo Fence on Tookan?

Geo fence on tookan are the geographical boundaries, you can create within which you can carry out operations on tookan platform. Tookan offers yet another amazing feature that will simplify your task assignment process and help you categorize your fleet in a more geo- efficient way. To enable geo-fencing go […]

How to use Agent App on Tookan?

agent app on tookan is for agents to carry out their tasks and track their earnings. It has various features that facilitates ease of operations we can have agents directly sign up on tookan The Signup option on the agent app will allow the agents to register themselves directly on […]

Agent Incentive

Agent Incentive Agent incentive add on or extension provides you a wallet. keep a record of all the transactions done by an agent. It’s a seamless way to integrate the task pricing with the agent wallet. You can enable debit from wallet option as per your requirement. If you enable […]

How to create Booking Form?

Booking Form or Tookan forms allow you to directly create tasks in the dashboard by accepting orders from your customers. using a web form from your desired URL name. These are customizable which can be used as per your requirement and business use-case. firstly one can Add/Edit forms by going […]

How to integrate with Hungry House?

Hungry house owned by Just Eat make users easy to order food online from thousands of local restaurants nationwide. It’s quite difficult to track the order fulfilment cycle from order received, dispatched to final delivery. thus Integration with Tookan helps you to hassle free management and tracking of orders. Steps […]

How to integrate Simply Delivery?

Simple Delivery : Use only one system to run your business optimally. Simply Delivery’s complete system equips your business perfectly, whether you own one or more stores or run a franchise system, centrally accessible from anywhere along with extensive statistics for perfect evaluations. use email parsing. Getting too many orders […]

How to integrate Grubhub with Tookan?

Grubhub is an online food ordering system that connects diners with local restaurants and allows diners to find and order food from their local restaurants. The Tookan integration with Grubhub streamlines the end to end ordering and delivery processes. therefore Now you can automatically send Grubhub order to your Tookan […]

Webhook to enable notifications

Webhook to enable notifications A webhook also called a web callback or HTTP push API is a way for an application to provide other applications with real-time information. A webhook delivers data to other applications in real time whenever a given event occurs. Tookan provides webhook functionality for notifications. You […]

How to show information for agent before accepting tasks?

Information to agent before accepting tasks. Please follow the steps: Go to settings > templates > edit the template > add popup notifications > select the particular field. Check out more information on TemplatesYou can also check out our custom templates Article You can also refer to the settings related […]