Webhook to enable notifications

webhook to enable notifications. what is a webhook? A webhook (also called a web callback or HTTP push API) is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information. A webhook delivers data to other applications as it happens, meaning you get data immediately. therefore Webhooks are […]

How to show information for agent before accepting tasks?

Information to agent before accepting tasks. Please follow the steps: Go to settings > templates > edit the template > add popup notifications > select the particular field. Check out more information on TemplatesYou can also check out our custom templates Article You can also refer to the settings related […]

The marker for driver isn’t moving on map

If the marker for driver isn’t moving on map, you can troubleshoot the agent marker on maps by following the below given stepsa. Settings -> Apps -> Tookan Agent -> Battery -> Allow background activity (enable)b. Settings -> Apps -> Tookan Agent -> Battery -> Optimise battery usage -> Select […]

zapier task auto-allocation failure.

zapier task auto-allocation failure. : What to do when tasks are created from Zapier and on arriving at Tookan the auto-allocation feature does not work? To make sure the auto-allocation feature works, firstly go to Task Details auto_assignment and set the Key “Auto Assign Task” to YES in Zapier. Please […]

Uploading tasks via CSV for multiple deliveries

Uploading tasks via CSV for multiple deliveries can be made possible through Customized CSV. By default, csv is uploaded for a single pickup-single delivery flow and if you want to upload csv for single pickup-multiple delivery flow, please reach out to Tookan support. Onboarding Agents Drivers are the delivery agents […]

The task range feature does not work

If the the task range feature does not work, advice the agent to restart the app while he is nearer to the location. The agent will be able to complete the task. Make sure that the agent is at the correct location as per the address is shown on the […]

How Auto assign in Tookan pooling works?

Auto assign in tookan pooling : Can Tookan’s pooling feature auto-assign a task wherein the driver is on the way to pick up an item another pick just appeared in the same location with a delivery address also close to his? Yes Tookan’s pooling feature can fullfil this requirement but […]