How to enable pictures and description without timeline?

Currently it’s not possible to enable pictures and description without timeline. In order to view pictures and comments, including timeline is necessary. But custom fields data can export without choosing timeline. Know more about Custom Field Template Go to Menu > Settings > Templates Custom field Templates allow you to capture […]

Setting Time Zone in Tookan via API

For setting time zone in Tookan when you are creating tasks via API, send the value of the timezone by checking the time zone of your region. To do so click on the below-mentioned link. There are different types of tasks that can be created inside Tookan depending on the […]

Heat Maps on Tookan

With Heat Maps on Tookan, agents can check live locations of their team members. Watch this video to learn how you can track their location Know more about Agent App in Tookan agent app on tookan is for agents to carry out their tasks and track their earnings. It has […]

What is Customer Schedule?

1. This extension can be enabled from backend  , and once it is enabled you can access the same from your Tookan admin dashboard ( Steps : settings -> customer schedule ) 2. Then the next thing which has to be done is set the schedule for the entire week, […]

Why is Agent earning not calculating?

Please check with the following reasons for agent earning not calculatingTask should have a template attached. Agent must travel in real time. To know more about Task Pricing & Agent Earning, please check the link below This add-on allows you to track your agent’s earnings & task pricing with […]

Tookan dashboard taking time to load

If Tookan dashboard and map are taking time to load, it might be possible due to multiple reasons. Please keep in mind the following to avoid slow loading time a. Don’t open Tookan in multiple tabs, b. Check internet connection,  c. Don’t use dark maps Also check opening the dashboard […]

Do we have a route optimization API?

We do not have a Route Optimization API on Tookan. Here, is more information on RO- Route optimization rescues you from hours of manual planning and provides you with the most efficient routes as per your business needs. Advance routes settings give you full control over your routes. QMake dynamic […]