Surge Feature

During specific periods there is comparatively higher demand and more deliveries are required to made. At this time, a surge feature proves to be very useful. In Tookan, you can use Surge feature to increase the delivery charges for the customers during peak hours

Delayed Task Notification

Now you can remind your drivers that they have forgotten to mark the task as successful/failed using Tookan Delay Alerts. You can enter the time after which an agent will be notified through an in-app notification about a delayed task.

Setting Time Zone

For setting time zone in Tookan when you are creating tasks via API, send the value of time zone by checking the time zone of your region. To do so click on the below mentioned link or When you are creating the tasks through dashboard, the basic login / […]

Heat Maps

 With Heat Maps, agents can check live locations of their team members. Watch this video to learn how you can track their location

Customer Schedule

1. This extension can be enabled from backend¬† , and once it is enabled you can access the same from your Tookan admin dashboard ( Steps : settings -> customer schedule ) 2. Then the next thing which has to be done is set the schedule for the entire week […]