Missions on Tookan || Jungleworks

A Missions on Tookan consists of multiple tasks belonging to multiple workflows (Pickup & Delivery/ Appointments/ Field Workforce), spanning across multiple days and each task could be assigned to multiple agents. Features of Missions Let’s take the case of a construction project where there might be a requirement of multiple […]

Pooling auto allocation method on Tookan

An agent is now capable to perform another task while doing the first in one go with Pooling when using the Batch Wise auto allocation method. Currently, the pooling feature works for the tasks created on the dashboard or from API. To Enabling Pooling auto allocation method on Tookan : […]

Auto Allocation on Tookan

Auto allocation feature helps to assigned agent for a task automatically. To enable/disable Auto Allocation go to Menu > Settings > Account Setup > Auto Allocation. The auto assignment will work based on two parameters: Nearest agent (based on displacement) Available agent (based on the time slot) Methods to configure the push notifications […]

First In First Out Auto allocation method

1. First In First Out Auto allocation method Logic : a. Task queues based on first-in-first-out will have to be maintained at a team level b. If there are multiple unassigned tasks in the queue until the earliest created task get assigned, then the queue wouldn’t move forward (next task […]

Workflow on Tookan dashboard

Tookan is a flexible solution that supports three types of workflows to best suit your business requirements. Upon selecting a workflow, corresponding changes take place in both dashboard and agent mobile apps. It is recommended that you select appropriate workflow complimenting your business. You can change the workflow by going […]

Merchant Extension in tookan

Merchant Merchant extension in Tookan is the seller or service provider on Tookan extensions. This add-on helps you onboard and manage merchants from the admin account. Once onboard, merchants can log in to their own dashboard from where they can manage their agents, tasks, and other functionalities. The admin has […]

Import & Export Agent on Tookan

To add Agents manually you can do so by clicking add agent or by importing CSV file in which you can add their details under the given templates. Sample file download is also available from where you can download the CSV file and edit it. Steps :  Click on top […]

Edit/Block/Delete Agent on Tookan

Edit/Block/Delete Agent on Tookan Steps are as follows : Edit Agent Steps to Edit an Agent  Click on the three dots icon in the Action column and click on edit.  Click on ‘Update’ to save the changes. BLOCK AN AGENT Steps to Block an Agent  Click on the three dots […]

Add A Freelancer on Tookan

This feature helps to hire and monitor freelancers on Tookan. You can share all your day’s job with the freelancers in a single click. These freelancers would be able to see the unassigned tasks on the agent app and they can accept them if they want. This feature is also […]