Task Pricing And Agent Earning

Task Pricing And Agent Earning This add-on allows you to track your agent’s earnings & task pricing with configurable rule settings. You can pay compensation to your agents or calculate pricing for the customer on any value in the custom fields of the template. Once activated the Earning & Pricing […]

Custom Field Templates

Custom Field Templates Go to Menu > Settings > Templates Custom fields allow you to capture the information in a form that is specific to your business.You can create multiple templates based on your requirement and you can add as many custom fields in a template as required. Once the template […]

Task Attributes

Task Attributes You can select from the list of attributes you would like to have in your Agent’s mobile app. Based on your selection, your agents will see the selected attributes in the task details page in their mobile apps.Go to Menu > Settings > Agent App Acknowledgement Type Accept/Decline Task-  Based […]

Route Optimization

Route Optimization Routing Optimization add-on allows you to efficiently optimize the routes, saving you both time and money. Go to Menu > Extensions > Activate Route Optimization This is an add-on feature which is charged separately on top of your current plan. Using Routing Optimization is very easy. Below are the […]

Geo Fencing

Geo Fencing Tookan offers yet another amazing feature that will simplify your task assignment process and help you categorize your fleet in a more geo- efficient way. To enable geo-fencing go to Menu > Settings > Geo Fence. Geo fencing allows for categorizing your agents based on regions/zones. Draw your own […]


Missions A Mission consists of multiple tasks belonging to multiple workflows (Pickup & Delivery/ Appointments/ Field Workforce), spanning across multiple days and each task could be assigned to multiple agents. Features of Missions  Workflows merge – Multiple workflows can be used in a Mission.  Multiple agents to a task – A task […]


Pooling An agent is now capable to perform another task while doing the first in one go with Pooling when using the Batch Wise auto allocation method. Currently, the pooling feature works for the tasks created on the dashboard or from API. To Enabling Pooling: Go to MENU > Settings > […]

First In First Out

First In First Out 1. FIFO logic: a. Task queues based on first-in-first-out to be maintained at a team level b. If there are multiple unassigned tasks in the queue until the earliest created task is assigned, the queue wouldn’t move forward (next task won’t be assigned) c. For the […]

Auto Allocation

Auto Allocation Automatically assign your tasks in Tookan using the Auto Assignment feature. To enable/disable Auto Allocation go to Menu > Settings > Account Setup > Auto Allocation.The auto assignment is done based on two parameters: Nearest agent (based on displacement) Available agent (based on the time slot) Based on your business requirement, […]

Select A Workflow

Select A Workflow Tookan is a flexible solution that supports three types of workflows to best suit your business requirements. Upon selecting a workflow, corresponding changes take place in both dashboard and agent mobile apps. It is recommended that you select appropriate workflow complimenting your business. You can change the […]