Edit Task

Edit Task A task can be edited at any point of time, using any of the following two ways: FIRST  Go to Dashboard > Task Panel > Task Tile > Click on right arrow (>) button.  Task Details, Customer Details and History will appear.  Click on three dots icon and […]

Task Details

Task Details Tookan enables you to check the task’s status and details in simple steps:  Go to the Tasks panel on the Tookan dashboard. Click on Tasks and a complete list of tasks will open.  Click on the task that you want to view details of.  A small window will […]

Assign Task

Assign Task Assigning a task to an agent can be done in three different ways: FIRST Create a new task, by selecting any one of the following – Create Task OR Bulk Import Tasks  Fill in all the details in the Task creation form.  Select a Team from the drop down.  Choose […]

Bulk Import Tasks

Bulk Import Tasks Tookan’s ‘Bulk Import Tasks’ feature allows you to upload multiple tasks in one go.The ‘Create Task’ button is broken into two parts. All you need to do is click on the drop-down at the right of the button and select ‘Bulk Import’, as shown below. Next, download […]

Create Task

Create Task The ‘Create Task’ button is located right on the top bar for easy accessibility from all pages. Click on the button and enter the required details, based on the workflow selected. Pickup and Delivery Workflow Pickup: When you click on the pickup button, it expands with pick-up detail fields. […]

Edit A Notification

Edit A Notification You can edit the content of notification by clicking on the three dots under actions of every notification. Once selected you can edit the content and click on update to save the changes. You are free to do it for SMS, email and webhook notification.

SMS & Email Notifications

SMS & Email Notifications Tookan completely automates the communication process by sending customized notifications in the form of email and SMS, to the customers associated with each task. Go to Menu > Settings > Notifications to enable, disable or edit the content for each trigger. Request Received: This is triggered when you create an order. Agent […]

Feedback From Customer

Feedback From Customer Once the task is complete, the same tracking link converts into a feedback page. The customer also receives an SMS and email with a link, asking for the feedback. The customer can rate their experience with a star rating and also leave a comment. Below is the […]

Order Tracking Web-Link

Order Tracking Web-Link When the agent taps “Start a Task” on the mobile app, a notification in the form of SMS and email (if captured) is sent to the customer associated with the task. The message also contains a tracking link which allows the customer to view the real-time location […]