Task Performance

There are two key metrics that provide a closer look to understand Task Performance.

Performance section of Analytics

Task Performance is yet another parameter which helps you comapre data as mentioned below:

1> Task Completion – This metric shows Successful vs Failed Tasks.

Task completion – data in tabular format
Agent performance analysis with respect to tasks done

Performance data in tabular format

2> Task Punctuality – This metric shows On-Time vs Delayed Tasks.

Count of tasks performed on time, delayed or assigned

Analytics section helps users to identify the scope of evaluation based on various parameters. The report for the same can be downloaded from required sections by clicking on the dropdown visible next to each section header.

Here is the screenshot for reference

Report once downloaded will be showing data for respective section , similar to how it appears in the below mentioned screenshot :

Task punctuality csv download

The results from analytics help you with the following mentioned :

1> Take smart decisions for long-term growth by strategic resource and supply chain planning

2> Strategize and grow your business by developing geo-specific promotion and pricing policies

3> Evaluate the per day performance of the agents and decide the efficiency parameter and scope of improvement

4> Get the real time analysis for business overall performance based on parameters which scales between best and lowest

All in together the data gathered from this section specially focuses on aligning performance with operations. It helps to grow business with various checks provided on agent performance and task evaluation.

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