Agent Effectiveness

Agent effectiveness parameter is present in analytics section of Tookan dashboard.

Effectiveness parameter in Tookan

There are three key metrics that provide a closer look to understand Agent Effectiveness.

Time Based Activity – This metric shows the Total Time spent In-Transit vs Idle.

Time Based Activity in Tookan

Distance Based Activity – This metric shows the total distance traveled during tasks vs Idle.

Distance Based activity in Tookan

Time Based Productivity – This metrics shows the productivity of the agent based on the time taken by him to complete the task.

Time based productivity in Tookan

Analytics tool in Tookan helps to analyze the agent effectivenes , tasks completion ratio , agent’s performance on the basis of tasks performed whether completed , cancelled , failed or in progress .

The very basis of business evaluation is based on agent’s performance and number of tasks processed in a particular given interval. you can also download the report for any required parameter , you just need to click on the dropdown available along with each header as shown in the screenshot mentioned below:

Report download from analytics section

Similar to Effectiveness section in the analytics part, we have various other sections as well which are listed below :

1> Real Time

2> Task analysis

3> Performance

4> Effectiveness

5> Efficiency

6> Pricing and Earning and merchant stats .

This is all for agent effectiveness section , hope this helps , thanks !!

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