Task Efficiency

There are two key metrics that provide a closer look to understand Task Efficiency.

Successful Tasks – Percentage of Successful Tasks

Successful Tasks

On-Time Task – Percentage of tasks completed On-Time

On time tasks analysis

Task efficiency in Tookan

There are various evaluation parameters in Tookan Analytics section:

1> Real time

2>Task analysis

3> Performance

4> Effectiveness

5> Efficiency

6> Pricing and Earning

7> Merchant stats

Analysis based on these parameters add up to the total evaluation of business and overall operations.

Tookan provides many additional features in addition to vast business analytics solution, this includes various features like route optimization, automatic assignment of tasks to the agents, sms gateway integration, calculating pricing and earning based on set rules and what not.

The analytics section evaluates efficiency parameter on two things : first is the successful tasks and the other one is the task which were completed on time by the agents.

The filters can be applied to look for required data , also reports can be downloaded from the analytics section, by clicking on the dropdown available next to each header

Report download from Tookan Analytics section

The reports can be downloaded in CSV format, JSON format, XLSX fromat and many others. The flexibility factor allows us to download files as per any given format

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