Real Time Analysis of Data in Tookan

Real Time analysis of data on Tookan can be done from the analytics section on Tookan dashboard.

Real Time Analysis of Data on Tookan

Real Time parameter enables you to monitor the Task Status. Task status can be completed, assigned or unassigned. The agent status can be busy,free or inactive.

The data is shown in charts and tabular format. It also shows graphical reports about Total Tasks, Task Efficiency, Distance-Based Productivity & Time-Based Productivity. The data which you can view can be of today, 7 days ago or30 days ago. It is all based on real-time data which could be exported and used as per the needs of the business.

The analytics section allows you to monitor data for yesterday or today on the basis of tasks done. For more information in regards to Tookan, you can check the below-mentioned link for more reference:

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