zapier task auto-allocation failure.

zapier task auto-allocation failure. : What to do when tasks are created from Zapier

and on arriving at Tookan the auto-allocation feature does not work?

To make sure the auto-allocation feature works,

firstly go to Task Details auto_assignment and set the Key “Auto Assign Task” to YES in Zapier.

Please make sure the value is not 0

Auto Allocation : to understand the zapier task auto-allocation failure in tookan , lets look at auto allocation functionalities.

Automatically assign your tasks in Tookan using the Auto Assignment feature.

consequently To enable/disable Auto Allocation

go to Menu > Settings > Account Setup > Auto Allocation.
The auto assignment is done based on two parameters:
– firstly Nearest agent (based on displacement)
– secondly Available agent (based on the time slot)

hence, Based on your business requirement, you can set the push notification which is sent to the agents,

in one of the following ways:

firstly ONE BY ONE
Request goes to one agent (nearest & available) first consequently if the timer runs out or if the agent declines the task, consequently it goes to the second best option.

hence You can set the timer in the workflows

The system sends the request to all the available agents. as a result whosoever accepts/ acknowledges the task first will receive it . thus making it easy to assign tasks.


Sends the task request notification to the Agent in batches. You can create batches based on distance, time, and group size settings.

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