Merchant billing on Tookan

Merchant billing on Tookan

Merchant extension helps in onboarding and managing merchants on the Tookan platform where they can have their own marketplaces and on the other hand onboard new Drivers.

Our Merchant extension in the tookan platform helps you onboard and manage merchants on your platform and similarly, the merchants can have their own marketplaces from where they can receive orders from the end customers.

Now automate the billing for your merchants as per the usage. You can create a custom plan for your merchants and charge accordingly. The admin will be charged for merchants according to the standard Tookan plans but he can charge his merchant as per any custom plans.

Steps to enable merchant billing

Go to Side Menu > Settings

Go to Merchant Billing

Creating plans for merchants

Task Based

The billing plan for merchants can be created by filling in the details as mentioned
Plan Name – Name of the billing plan for merchants
Days – The number of days billing should run for
Per Task Cost – Rate of each task
Make as Default -Default plan for all the merchants onboarded
Auto Renew – Plan to automatically renew after the cycle ends

Agent Based

In Agent based plan, the charges are to be calculated per fleet cost per day

Fixed Plan

In the fixed plan, number of tasks and fleets is to be constant for the merchants. Likewise, the amount of plan stays fixed

Custom Plan

Finally, in Custom plan, we can set the pricing for extra tasks created & extra fleets added by merchants over the platform

Please refer to the video to know more about Merchant Billing on Tookan

Firstly, collect Stripe Public key and Private from Stripe Dashboard
Add Stripe Keys to receive payments from Merchants over Tookan dashboard.

Note: To support Stripe SCA in your account, please add as a webhook under Developer>Webhooks in your stripe account. Add webhook for payment_intent.succeeded and payment_intent.payment_failed events.

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