Search Webhook logs by Task ID on Tookan

Search Webhook logs by Task ID on Tookan Now you can search the webhook log of any task by dropping in the Task ID in the search bar. Webhooks in Tookan are used to get responses to events in real time.  Webhooks are automated messages sent from apps when something happens. […]

Changes in bulk CSV import on Tookan

Changes in bulk CSV import on Tookan We would like to bring this to your notice that there have been few changes in the Bulk import CSV with respect to the mandatory field requirements.  For every workflow (Pickup & Delivery, Appointment, Field Workforce):The address fields are mandatory i) Street Level […]

Tracking link icon on Tookan

Tracking link icon on Tookan When the agent taps “Start a Task” on the mobile app, a notification in the form of SMS and email (if captured) is sent to the customer associated with the task. The message also contains a tracking link which allows the customer to view the […]

Favorite location on Tookan booking form

Favorite location on Tookan booking form Booking Form or Tookan forms allow you to directly create tasks in the dashboard by accepting orders from your customers. using a web form from your desired URL name. These are customizable which can be used as per your requirement and business use-case. Add […]

Password Restrictions on Tookan

Password Restrictions on Tookan Manage all your delivery operations from one platform to enhance efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experience at scale. As per the new Password updates on Tookan, these are the following changes made with regards to Password restrictions –  i) Passwords should contain at least 6 characters.ii) […]

Calculate Distance Extension on Tookan

Calculate Distance is an extension available to activate when you want to see the distance between Pickup and Delivery Tasks. Enable this extension to see the automated calculated distance between pickup & delivery points in their respective task details screen. In the case of single pickup – multiple deliveries flow […]

Frequently Asked Questions on Tookan

Frequently Asked Questions on Tookan related to Woocommerce Integration 1. What is meaning of URL in the image below: This refers to the Woocommerce developer URL which the client needs to share from Woocommerce dashboard 2. What does “Dookan” module support ? Basically, it refers to the Use case of […]

Merchant billing on Tookan

Merchant billing on Tookan Merchant extension helps in onboarding and managing merchants on the Tookan platform where they can have their own marketplaces and on the other hand onboard new Drivers. Our Merchant extension in the tookan platform helps you onboard and manage merchants on your platform and similarly, the […]

Customer App settings on Tookan

Customer App settings on Tookan Ordering app for customers are specially developed to fit your business needs. These apps are fully customizable to ensure that your business use case is satisfied as per your requirements. Steps to access Customer App settings Firstly, log into Tookan Dashboard > Side Menu > […]

Teams search option on Tookan

Teams Search option on Tookan Organize your Agent into logical groups to efficiently manage your field operations. You may group agents on the basis of location or on the basis of geography, the type of service that you want to select and so on We have recently launched a new feature through […]