Integrate your Deliverect Account with Tookan for Smart Delivery Management

To Integrate your Deliverect Account with Tookan for Smart Delivery Management, follow the following steps:

The Tookan integration with Deliverect grows your business by seamlessly weaving together, order management and moreover delivery management software.

Whether you’re running a small café or a restaurant, the Tookan integration with the same simplifies your online order management so you can focus on your craft and your customers.

Tookan and Deliverect integration brings guaranteed ROI and puts your business operations on autopilot. Every time you receive an order on the same, it will automatically be pushed to Tookan and further auto-assigned to your delivery persons. This automation saves you time while ensuring that your customers are always up-to-date about their delivery status. Tookan automatically:

Although, the integration process is very simple and takes only a few minutes to set up. Here’s a step by step guide:

Fill these pricing fields to provide a delivery fee to Deliverect Order

Now Navigate to the extension section. Search for Deliverect, click on activate.

  1. TIMEZONE: retrieve from 
  2. PICK_BUFFER: buffer time in  minutes to pick your order (default: 30)
  3. DROP_BUFFER: buffer time in  minutes to drop your order (default: 60)
  4. Geofence: Enable this toggle, if you’re willing to apply Geofence on Tookan i.e. Tasks will be Aligned to the Agents according to their Geofence
  5. Auto-Assignment: By enabling this, you can use the auto allocation algorithm configured on Tookan for the jobs created from Deliverect.
  6. FARE ESTIMATION:Enable this toggle to to provide a delivery fee to Deliverect Order

  • TEMPLATE NAME: Fill the template name which you created under templates.
  • GOOGLE MAP KEY: Fill your google MAP keys.
  • Once you fill the details successfully, click on submit and you will get your Webhooks, copy and configure them on Deliverect.

    For this login to your Deliverect Dashboard and select Delivery from the side menu and enable Tookan, and configure the webhook URLs.

    You can refer to the video as well.

    Once you fill in the details and configure the Webhooks you are good to go.

    To know more about workflow on Tookan Dashboard

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