Tracking link icon on Tookan

Tracking link icon on Tookan

When the agent taps “Start a Task” on the mobile app, a notification in the form of SMS and email (if captured) is sent to the customer associated with the task. The message also contains a tracking link which allows the customer to view the real-time location.

We added a new feature to better the user experience on Tookan tracking link
You can now add ‘Custom Icons’ in the tracking link to showcase agent’s current location.

Steps to activate:
Go to side menu > settings > Preferences > Tracking Link Settings > Click on Upload & select the image file for new icon > Click on Update
You can then see the icon selected over tracking for agent’s current location

Tracking link icon on Tookan

The default icon can be restored by clicking on the blue link “click here”

Know more about Web Tracking on Tookan, click here

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