How to set Task Delay Notification?

Task Delay Notification : Now you can remind your drivers,

that they have forgotten to mark the task as successful/failed using Tookan Delay Alerts.

therefore You can enter the time after which,

an agent will be notified through an in-app notification about a delayed task.

You can use this functionality to show the delay time for a particular task.

it will show you by how many minutes the task is delayed.

firstly from your tookan dashboard , in the side menu

go to settings

select preferences.

under preferences when you scroll down you will see an option called task delay settings.

finally select show delay time.

once you enable this option, whenever the task will be delayed the admin will get an alert that this task is delayed by particular minutes.

therefore you can use task delay notification setting to determine the delay time for a particular task.

Thus we can Mark this setting to show task delay. If you select this option, delay time will be visible on the dashboard and task detail.

this makes it easy for the admin to keep a track on the tasks delayed by the agents.

watch the video provided below to understand the functionality of task delay notifications

task delay notification

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