How to use Tags on tookan?

Tags on tookan :

Tags are  mainly used to distinguish. They are used to  define an agent or team of agents with a particular service, physical area or in any other way we need to distinguish the agents

For example : if there is a home service where you want kitchen cleaners, plumber or gardener as your agent. You would want a particular task of gardening to be assigned to the gardener . for this we use tags. 

Tags on tookan

Additionally the tags must be attached while placing the order from the ordering platform  in order for them to work . 

Tags on Tookan can be used for agents 

Tags can be used for teams.

For agents : Menu agents > ongoing agents > edit agent 

Here you wll find an option for tags, wherein you can add the tag as “gardener” 

So the tag has been added and next click on update.

Incase you want to add a new agent and assign a tag,

Go to agents > add agent , fill details and add the tag as gardener, next the tag is added . click on update

The agent is now added with the tag.

Incase you want to add a tag to a team.

Go to settings > teams 

Select the particular team . edit team > enter a tag

For example tag of gardener. 

 So once you add the tag click on update. 

In case you want to add a the tag to the new team 

Add team, enter the details, add the tag as “gardener “ 

After you add the tag click on update 

Therefore this is how you can add a tag to the team or agent.

you can also checkout our video link for more details

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