Password Restrictions on Tookan

Password Restrictions on Tookan

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Password Restrictions on Tookan

As per the new Password updates on Tookan, these are the following changes made with regards to Password restrictions – 

i) Passwords should contain at least 6 characters.
ii) It should not match with the first name/last name. (First name only, Last name only, First name + Last name).
iii) It should not match with the email address.
iv) It should not match with the company name.
v) It should not match with the username (for fleet).
vii) Restricted passwords : 123456, 654321, 987654, qwerty, asdfgh,zxcvbn,abcdef, Qwerty@123.

Note: If the password matches any of these restrictions, the following error message will be displayed “Please choose a more secure password”. 

The above mentioned changes are only effective with the Agents, Managers & Merchants added on the platform from 1st October 2022. Existing users’ passwords will remain the same until updated manually. 

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