Tookan Logistics

Tookan Logistics extension manages and tracks long-haul deliveries which improves the efficiency of your supply chain. This extension lets you digitalize all your deliveries and hubs with a live-tracking feature for your customers.

Admin input all the hubs along with their locations which is customizable at all times. Once customers place the order, Tookan Logistics calculates the shortest path involving the minimum number of hubs which is very cost-effective.

Each hub manager receives the notification of incoming sub-tasks/deliveries to their hub and can schedule outgoing sub-tasks/deliveries accordingly. They can combine multiple deliveries from their hub into one consignment.

Thus Hub Managers can just click and schedule which all deliveries/packages will leave their hub, as one consignment. We also facilitate Parcel Management for the admin to monitor and track the entire journey of all the parcels involving any of the hubs.

Tookan Logistics enables you to:

  • Add virtual hubs
  • Create Parcels and track the parcel journey
  • Create Consignments

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