Tookan Customer Wallet for delivery businesses

Customer wallet provides an e-wallet for your customers, to which they can add money and pay for successive transactions. The entire hassle to add details again and again while making the payment is now saved. Just add details once and make all successive payments very easily. And the biggest advantage is that it saves all your transactional costs. With Tookan’s customer wallet, enable your customers to pay for orders using wallet balance.

Digital wallet for delivery

Customer Wallet is designed primarily to provide two major functionalities: 

1. E-wallet for successive Transactions

Customer Wallet best serves customers who place frequent orders. Adding money and details each time a customer places an order is tiring. With Tookan’s customer wallet, money can be just added once and all subsequent transactions can be made from it. Saving customers time and effort on every transaction.

2. Extending credit to customers 

Extending credit to business customers allows them to purchase goods and services on credit and pay for them later on. Offering credit is often a win-win for both merchants and buyers. Customers have more purchasing power and tend to buy more if they are not limited to the cash they have at the time of the sale.

Owing to the importance of extending credit, customer wallet gives you the flexibility to offer Credit Limit to your on-demand business customers. You can select the customers whom you want to extend credit and set the limit value called as Customer Wallet Amount outstanding Limit. Once this limit is reached, customer won’t be able to do further transactions on credit until previous due is cleared. 

Customer Wallet Functionalities 

Export Wallet Transactions

You can now export all the required transaction details in the form of a pdf with just one click and share it for better communication.

Customer Wallet by Tookan

Total Outstanding Amount 

It is highly imperative for business owners to keep track of total credit extended to all customers. With Tookan’s customer wallet, you can easily see and track the credit extended. 

Billing Cycle

When it comes to extending credit, it’s necessary to set the Billing Cycle. This ensures that customer is notified to pay the previous dues irrespective of the Credit limit used till that moment.

Recording Cash Payments

What if the user pays the admin manually for the credit extended and not through the wallet? Well, worry not because we have also got this covered for you all. Admin can easily record a cash transaction from the Tookan dashboard. The same will be reflected in the wallet of the user.

Tracking Customer Wallets

Admin can very easily track outstanding limit and wallet balance of any customer using Wallet filter. Makes it very easy to keep an eye on important wallets or accounts.

Block User Wallet

Users not paying their dues will be notified on the first billing date but if they fail to make payment by the second billing date, then the Tookan system will automatically bar any further transactions from the wallet until the due has been cleared. Otherwise, the admin has the full authority to block any wallet anytime.

Why do you need a Customer Wallet for your business clients?

  • Ease of usability and enhanced user experience for your business customers
  • Provides you with the flexibility to extend credit to your customers 
  • Gives you control over your payment system
  • Keeps your business ahead of the curve 
  • Reduces transactional charge for your business
  • Provides real-time data export for analytics and proof sharing
  • Replaces credit card and is more secure

So, what’s the hold-up? Get Tookan’s Customer Wallet now!

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