Customer Web App

Tookan Customer Web App revolutionizes task management by integrating customer orders seamlessly through customizable web applications. Here’s how it enhances your business operations:

Customizable Web Applications: Tailor your web applications to suit your business requirements and streamline customer interactions.

Offerings: Access a variety of templates and link them to different offerings, allowing for flexible customization to meet diverse use cases and implement varied pricing logics as per your business strategy.

Payment Method Integration: Accept various payment methods such as cash, customer wallet, Stripe, and others, offering convenience to your customers and expanding your business reach.

Authentication Options: Choose to enable or disable login and signup features according to your business needs, providing flexibility in user access to the platform.

Synced Mobile Application: Offer a synchronized mobile application for customers, ensuring a seamless experience across different channels.

Effortless Management: Easily manage your customer interactions by creating, editing, and deleting web applications directly from the Tookan platform.

Flexible Workflows: Choose from various workflow types like pickup and delivery, appointment scheduling, or field workforce management, catering to different business models.

Theme Customization: Personalize the appearance of your web applications by selecting theme colors that align with your brand identity.

Geofencing and Time Slots: Define geofences or time slots within the web application, providing additional control over service delivery.

Dedicated Landing Page: Create a dedicated landing page, with a banner to showcase your services and attract potential customers, enhancing your online presence.

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