Tookan Customer Application – Overview

Tookan Customer App – Ordering app for customers

Customer App - Ordering app for customers

Customer apps – Customer App – Ordering app for customers are specially developed to fit your business needs. These apps are fully customizable to ensure that your business use case is satisfied as per your requirements.

Features of Customer App:
Check out features of Tookan Customer app
1. Firstly, Single and Multiple Pricing with respect to dependence upon variables.
2. Map view to clarify easy location pickup.
3. Both pre and post Payment methods are supported along with hold payment option.
4. Tag based pricing (vehicle tags) and geofence based pricing to restrict services in a region.
5. Live Tracking of customer orders in order to enhance customer experience.
6. Easy accessibility of agent rating option for customers.
7. Customer Chat support in order to connect with admin and agent.
8. Hippo calling and video calling option for better connect.
9. Automatic creation of tasks by marking them as recurring tasks.
10. Option to make payment using Customer wallet feature.
11. Referrals for customers in order to promote use of your business services.
12. Customers can use promotions.

Please check out this video to know more about Customer App

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