The marker for driver isn’t moving on map

If the marker for driver isn’t moving on map, you can troubleshoot the agent marker on maps by following the below given steps
a. Settings -> Apps -> Tookan Agent -> Battery -> Allow background activity (enable)
b. Settings -> Apps -> Tookan Agent -> Battery -> Optimise battery usage -> Select Tookan agent -> Disable Tookan Agent optimization

Please make sure agents have followed these settings.

For IOS devices

Below point for efficient location tracking::
1. Firstly enable Background App refresh.
2. Secondly If the phone’s battery is below 20% then the phone’s OS may restrict the location services. Preferable to charge the iPhone and use above 20%.
Additionally ensure you turn off low battery mode.
3. Agent speed should be below 140 km/hr.
4. Sometimes Agent explicitly turned off the location. Please verify it as well.
5. Furthermore Location settings should be set as ALWAYS
6. From IOS 13, the “Always Allow” option is removed from the popup when logins into agent app. The agent have to manually select the “always allow” option from settings.
7. Finally Low power mode should be disabled

Know more about Tookan Agent App: How to Accept & Complete Task

Download And Install Tookan Agent Mobile Apps

Tookan comes with both iOS and Android apps for the field workforce. The apps are compatible with Apple iOS 8+ and Android 4.0+ phones.

Once the Agents are added to the dashboard they will receive an SMS and email with the links to download the mobile Apps, along with a temporary password to login. Upon login, they will be prompted to change the password.

Download and Install the iOS App:

Click on the install Tookan button.

You will get a pop-up with cancel and install options, click Install.

The installation will begin automatically.

It takes a few minutes (depending on the internet connectivity) for the app to install.

Once done, you will see the Tookan app icon as below.

Download and Install the Android App:

Open the Android link and it will take you directly to the Play Store. Click on the Install button, the app will start downloading and you will see the progress in the notification bar.

Once the download is complete, click on the notification or find the Tookan icon as below.

Tookan’s agent mobile app offline capability gives the power to your field workforce to work anytime and anywhere totally unplugged. The application lets you access and take action on all your tasks for the given day without the internet connection. Easily access all the task details, customer name, address, notes, custom fields and all other task related information.

For any other queries related to Tookan agent app please refer to Tookan Helpdesk.

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