The agent location is shown miles away

The agent location is shown miles away.

The agent location is shown miles away from where he really is. Agent app is also updated.

What Could be the reason?

The reasons are stated below :

  1. Firstly Network issue
  2. GPS accuracy issue. If the GPS location accuracy level above 25% then the app does not send the location to the system.
  3. Battery optimization : Battery optimization settings on the phone or phone in low power mode.
  4. Background App Refresh: Background App Refresh should be enabled in iOS
  5. Phone’s battery: If the phone’s battery is below 15% then the phone’s OS restricts the background location services.
  6. Agent speed : The Agent speed above 140 km/hr
  7. Team Accuracy : Team Accuracy should be High
  8. Lastly Auto Start or allow apps in background : Auto Start or allow apps in background option should be enabled (Phone to phone varies)

Read below More information on Accepted Tasks By The Agent .

Accepted Tasks By The agents are Not Displayed In The Agent App. App Is All Clear. What Could Be The Reason Behind This?

The issue might lie in calendar dates.

It’s highly possible that accepted tasks belongs to a future date & by default on home screen today’s date is selected. Therefore the agent needs to select the right date to view the accepted tasks.

Another reason can be wrong selection of filters.

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