Accepted Tasks are not displayed In Agent App.

Accepted Tasks By The Agent Are Not Displayed In The Agent App. App Is All Clear. What Could Be The Reason Behind This?

The issue might lie in calendar dates. It’s highly possible that accepted tasks belongs to a future date & by default on home screen today’s date is selected. Therefore the agent needs to select the right date to view the accepted tasks. Another reason can be wrong selection of filters.

Enterprise IT landscape is changing rapidly, and mobility is leading the charge. We came across many use cases where our clients required a quick and efficient method to automate their pickup and delivery processes be it food delivery, logistics, retail, last mile deliveries and beyond.

Imagine an e-commerce delivery fleet self-allocating packages without any friction. It is as easy as clicking and scanning a barcode on the package using your new Tookan Agent app and we take care of the rest.

  • Enable Scan to Assign app from Tookan Marketplace
  • Create a new task through dashboard/API/Bulk import. You’ll see an additional field to enter barcode.
  • In the agent app, click on “Scan to Assign” option
  • Scan the code or enter manually and the corresponding task will be assigned to the agent.
  • Multiple tasks with same barcode can be assigned at once.

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