Paytm Payout

We are very excited to announce that Paytm has been integrated with Tookan which lets you automate all your payments and instantly pay your agents, drivers and merchants.

What is Paytm Payout?
Paytm Payout lets you automatically transfer the payment to agents/merchants at the end of successful completion of an assigned task. The entire details of transactions are reflected in the admin dashboard along with the current amount available in the wallet for future transactions.

How does Paytm Payout by Tookan works?
Agents/ merchants have the flexibility to choose how they want to receive payments. While registering they can choose from following three payment reception methods:
1. UPI
2. Bank account details
3. Paytm Wallet

Admin will receive notifications from Tookan every time your wallet balance goes below a certain amount. With filters, you can view transactions for a specific agent/ time period.

Auto-renewal Option: Automatically adds money to your wallet as soon as you hit a low balance.
Automate Merchant Commission: With the Merchant commission option, you can transfer commission to your merchants just in a few clicks. You can also automate the merchant’s agent pay.

Get Paytm Payout for your business now!

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