Business settings

Business settings

Setting up your business profile is one of the key first steps while starting up on HIPPO. You can set your profile by going to the business settings in the left-side menu.


Business Profile

  1. Business logo: You can upload your business photo or logo image here as per the specifications mentioned. This image will be visible on the chat widget.
  2. Business ID: This is generated in the system automatically when you sign up. This cannot be edited.
  3. App secret key: This is generated in the system automatically when you sign up. This cannot be edited. This key is used for integrating HIPPO with third-party tools/websites.
  4. Business name: This will be prepopulated based on the name you provided during the sign-up. You can change your business name. Note: Business name and contact name must be changed together.
  5. Contact name: This will be the name of the administrator. This is for our internal information purpose.
  6. Business profile link: You must enter the desired name that will be added to create a link with the “” URL. This link can be shared with your customers to redirect them to your chat support page. 
  7. Phone number: This is the administrator’s phone number. This is required just for our information and communication purposes.
  8. Address: This is your business location address. This is required just for our information and communication purposes.
  9. Languages: You can select single or multiple HIPPO dashboard languages from here. The agents will see only the selected languages as an option to change the language of their respective dashboards.
  10. Default language: You can set the default language of the HIPPO dashboard out of the selected languages from here.

User rights

These are new sets of rules designed to give clients more control over their personal data. It aims to simplify the regulatory environment for businesses so both citizens and businesses can fully benefit from the digital economy. You can choose a right, enter your email address for communication, and the reason for exercising the right. Our team will connect with you and initiate action after mutual understanding.

Dashboard rebranding

You can customize the look and feel of HIPPO as per your business by removing the HIPPO branding and placing your own for customers to feel that it’s your own support service.

Note: This is paid service.


Billing plan

You can choose, view or change to a different billing plan from here after the free trial is over.



Security settings enable identity verification for your web and app users. Identity Verification ensures conversations between you and your Users are kept private, and that one person can’t impersonate another. We strongly encourage all HIPPO customers to set up and enable Identity Verification

How does Identity Verification work?

Identity Verification for the web requires you to add an encrypted user_hash to each User request, alongside their email or user_id. With Identity Verification for mobile, your app’s server will return the user_hash to your Android or iOS app where you’ll use it to register your Users. While Identity Verification is enabled, the HIPPO widget will not load or accept requests for a logged-in User without a valid user_hash. The user_hash is calculated using a secret key. Without this secret key, no third party can send HIPPO a valid user_hash for one of your Users, so they can’t impersonate your Users.

You make a clear distinction between:

    • Visitors – unknown customers to your site who aren’t logged in and don’t have a conversation history with you,

    • Leads – customers who start a conversation with you or reply to a message, and

    • Users – customers who sign up for your product and log into an existing account.

With Identity Verification enabled and correctly set up, your Users and Leads will experience HIPPO as normal. There is no extra action required from them to authenticate themselves. Your logged-in Users will greatly benefit from this added layer of security.

What if I don’t have any logged-in Users?

If you are using the HIPPO widget just to talk to Leads on your site or unidentified mobile users in your app, you should still enable Identity Verification. While you cannot send user_hashes as you would for logged-in Users, simply toggling the Identity Verification feature will protect you from User impersonation and associated confidentiality risks.

How do I set it up?

Enforce identity on the web

Follow the instructions on the “Identity Verification for web users” page under Security settings in the Business settings in the left-hand side menu

Enforce identity on the apps

Follow the instructions on the “Identity verification for iOS users” or “Identity on Android users” page under Security settings in the Business settings in the left-hand side menu.

Test push notification

You can test your setup by sending a push notification to a user from here. Enter a user unique key from user details on your HIPPO dashboard and send them a test notification to see if they received the same. 


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