Filters and Search

In this article, you will learn best practices for using Tookan’s dashboard filters, and search tool for finding the exact task data that you are looking for. Filters The dashboard filter allows users to view the tasks or agents they are interested in seeing. You can apply filters from both Map […]

Tookan’s API Documentation

Tookan’s API Documentation The Tookan API is a RESTful web service for developers to programmatically interact with Tookan’s data and real-time delivery management functionality. The APIs are publicly available for developers on the web. Every bit of data exchanged between clients and the API is JSON over HTTPS. The base […]

Merchant FAQS

Merchant FAQS Who are merchants? Merchants are businesses looking to manage their deliveries online. In layman language a merchant can be a restaurant or a logistics company looking to manage deliveries online. Tookan enables you to offer a full fledged delivery management solution to such businesses. You can onboard such […]

Quick Start Guide: Manager

Explore the dashboard  The dashboard is the foundation for your operations.  Get acquainted with the tabbed interface, different functionality, and view options in Dashboard Overview. Learn how to create and assign tasks Task creation and assignment can both be done via automatically, as well as manually.  Learn how to create […]

Capacity Management Extension

Capacity Management Extension Capacity management extension lets you define the capacity of your fleet. When you configure the extension, you must define a default capacity for the fleet. This default capacity will act as the default available capacity for each agent when they are not assigned any task and will […]

WhatsApp Extension

WhatsApp Extension Our WhatApp extension gives you the ability to send WhatsApp messages of task updates in real-time to your customers. How to configure WhatsApp? Activate the WhatsApp extension from Tookan extensions. Then go back to the Tookan admin dashboard, click on settings, and then WhatsApp. You will view a […]

Scan to Assign Extension

In this article you will learn about: Scan to Assign Extension Scan to assign is a powerful extension. It allows your delivery agents to scan a barcode using their smartphones and assign tasks in real time. It is as easy as clicking and scanning a barcode on the package using […]

Product Updates

August 2023 Agent Rating in Tracking Link We’re excited to share that you can now display the Agent’s Rating to your valued customers through the tracking link. To set this kindly ensure the following steps: Fixes and optimizations Agent Availability Status In response to user feedback, we have addressed an […]