Capacity Management Extension

Capacity Management Extension Capacity management extension lets you define the capacity of your fleet. When you configure the extension, you must define a default capacity for the fleet. This default capacity will act as the default available capacity for each agent when they are not assigned any task and will […]

WhatsApp Extension

WhatsApp Extension Our WhatApp extension gives you the ability to send WhatsApp messages of task updates in real-time to your customers. How to configure WhatsApp? Activate the WhatsApp extension from Tookan extensions. Then go back to the Tookan admin dashboard, click on settings, and then WhatsApp. You will view a […]

Scan to Assign Extension

In this article you will learn about: Scan to Assign Extension Scan to assign is a powerful extension. It allows your delivery agents to scan a barcode using their smartphones and assign tasks in real time. It is as easy as clicking and scanning a barcode on the package using […]

Product Updates

February 2023 Notifications We have added a new “Event” for notifications that you can send to your customers. This notification event is for “Cancelled” tasks and will be sent to your customers when a task is cancelled. This notification can be sent via SMS, email, WhatsApp and Webhook. To enable […]

Quick Start Guide: Admin

Get to know the stakeholders in Tookan Tookan has multiple stakeholders. Learn more about these and their relationship to one another in Tookan. Sign up on Tookan You can sign up to Tookan and create a trial account for free. The trial period is applicable for 14 days after which […]

Manager Dashboard Overview

In this article, you will learn about the manager dashboard. Map view (the default view) The map view allows a manager to visualize the entire operations geospatially. A manager can view tasks displayed as map markers (“pins”)  and agents displayed as a circle on the map with different colors as per status-Green for […]

Profile settings

Profile settings Setting up your profile is one of the key first steps while starting up on Tookan. You can set your profile by going to the profile tab under Settings in the side menu. Profile First name: This will be prepopulated based on the name you provided during the […]

Stakeholders in Tookan

Stakeholders in Tookan Administrator: The administrator is the business owner. He/she has access to all the features and can do configurations and add & manage:  tasks, teams, managers, agents, etc. The administrator can also access analytics and manage operational settings. Manager: Managers are added by the administrator and are assigned […]