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Scan to Assign Extension

Scan to assign is a powerful extension. It allows your delivery agents to scan a barcode using their smartphones and assign tasks in real time. It is as easy as clicking and scanning a barcode on the package using your Tookan agent mobile application and we take care of the rest without any friction.

How does it work?

For Scan to assign to work seamlessly you must also enable our “Automatic Barcode & Waybill Generator” extension along with this extension. The Automatic Barcode & Waybill Generator automatically generates barcodes for all the tasks.

After enabling both extensions, create a task. A barcode will be automatically generated and aligned with that task.

Now go to the side menu of the Tookan Agent mobile application, and you’ll find a button named “Scan to Assign”. After clicking there, a scanner will be opened and from here the delivery agents can scan the barcodes.

If the scanned barcode is aligned with an unassigned task then that task will be assigned to the agent just by scanning the barcode.

Scan to assign functionality can also be used by the managers under your organization to assign tasks to agents in real time.

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Enabling “Scan to Assign” and creating task with barcode
How “Scan to Assign” works on Tookan agent mobile application

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