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WhatsApp Extension

Our WhatApp extension gives you the ability to send WhatsApp messages of task updates in real-time to your customers.

How to configure WhatsApp?

Activate the WhatsApp extension from Tookan extensions. Then go back to the Tookan admin dashboard, click on settings, and then WhatsApp. You will view a QR code, and scan the QR code from the Whatsapp account you would like to send messages from.

Scanning QR code to link WhatsApp acount with Tookan

After successfully scanning the QR code your WhatsApp account is now linked with Tookan to send messages to your customers. Now go to Settings on the admin dashboard > Notifications > Enable WhatsApp toggle for events that you wish to send WhatsApp notifications for. You can also edit/customize your WhatsApp messages to be sent to the customers as you can do for other notification modes.

Customize notification text for WhatsApp
View account details, credits, and history logs

Kindly refer to this video below:

WhatsApp extension setup and usage

To know how to open the scanner on Whatsapp kindly refer to this article: https://faq.whatsapp.com/

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