Mobile Push Notifications


Push campaigns target users through notifications for your app or website.

A mobile push notification includes the image and has an expiry date. For the mobile campaign, we have a separate screen where customers can find all the mobile pushes. When the expiry date passes, the push notification is automatically removed from the list. Mobile Push notifications are also called promotional notifications.

Once the campaign is sent, you can check the reach and opened stats for the campaign.


Create a Mobile Push Campaign

Follow the steps to create a mobile push campaign:

  1. Navigate to HIPPO Engagement Automation Dashboard> Instant Campaigns using the left navigation bar.
  2. Click New Campaign on the top right-hand side corner of the menu screen.

  1. Enter the campaign name and select the campaign type as “Promotional” to create a mobile push campaign.

  1. You can also create a “Live campaign” as a mobile push campaign by selecting the channel as “Promotional“.


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