Terms to Know

Terms to Know

These terms should help you as you begin your journey on HIPPO engagement automation.

1. Contacts

HIPPO creates a contact for every person that launches your application and visits your website.

2. Segments

The segment feature allows you to segment your users based on their attributes and actions in your app/website. You can follow it up by creating a campaign targeted to these segments.

3. Analytics

HIPPO Analytics helps you understand how your users interact with your web and mobile apps. You can use it to track events and analyze trends to measure the performance of your app and campaigns.

4. Channels

HIPPO offers various channels to reach your users with our campaigns :

  • SMS
  • Push-Mobile and Web
  • Whatsapp
  • Popup

5. Campaigns

Campaigns allow you to achieve a specific action to generate a desired result. There are many different types of campaigns that you can create and execute through HIPPO.

  • Instant campaigns
  • Scheduled campaigns
  • Recurring campaigns
  • Live campaigns

6. RFM. Metrics

RFM Metrics is a dashboard page that provides all the important & necessary information for day-to-day use for marketers. A quick glance at RFM metrics shows the usage, engagement, and performance metrics of the product.

7. Surveys

Surveys let you collect information from the users via a form.

8. User attributes

Attributes are used to filter contacts while creating segments

9. Events

Events track the actions that users perform in your app or website. For example – launching an app, viewing a product, sharing a song, making a purchase, etc.


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