DOVE SOFT provides Integrated Cloud Communications Solutions across SMS, Voice, and Email. Dove Soft provides a complete range of communications services through API/SMPP that customers can directly integrate into their applications, Applications built by Dove Soft to meet many common business requirements, and customized solutions tailor-made to business-specific needs.

Configure Dove-Soft for SMS 

Below is a step-by-step explanation for setting up Dove-soft as your desired SMS provider on HIPPO. Before you go ahead, please make sure to keep the login credentials of your Dove-soft account handy.

    1. Go to Settings under Engagement Automation >> Config >> SMS Configuration
    2. Select the option “Use personal SMS gateway account” in the drop-down box.
    3. Select Dove-soft under Integrated gateways.
    4. You will see the Dove-soft configuration page as shown below:

  1. Next, enter the authentication details. You can find these details in your Dove-soft console once you log in to your Dove-soft account.
      • User (mandatory to fill in)
      • Key (mandatory to fill in)
      • Sender ID 
      • Templates (mandatory to fill in)
  1. After entering the details, click on Save to save the authentication details. The authentication for Dove-soft is at the account level, and you do not need to add this for each sender.

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