How to create a ticket?

How to create a ticket?

In Hippo either agents can create a ticket on behalf of your customers or your customers can directly create it. There are three ways to create a ticket:


1. Hippo Widget and Bot

If you want to give an option to your customers to create a ticket themself, that can be done using the Hippo widget and Bots. Here’s how you can configure the Widget and the Bot:

  • Set up the Widget script and then set up the BOT. We have already created a template for the ticket.
  • Enable the BOT from the template. Follow the below steps to use the template:
Chat dashboard -> Bots -> Click on the “Create A Chatbot from templates” -> select the “Ticketing BOT” -> click on the “use this template”.


2. Hippo Chat Dashboard/Chat Screen

This option is available for the support agents to create a ticket while they are taking a chat with the customer in real-time or at any time. Kindly follow the steps below:

  • Click on the “Create Ticket ‘ icon at the top of the customer chat
Create a ticket from the chat screen
Ticket form dialog box on the chat screen


3. The Ticketing Dashboard

Support agents can also create tickets from the “Ticketing Dashboard“. Here’s how you can create a ticket from the agent ticketing dashboard:

  • Log in to the agent Chat Dashboard.
  • Go to the Ticketing Dashboard.
  • Click on ‘+’ icon on the top right side of the ticketing dashboard
Create a ticket from the Ticketing Dashboard
  • The new ticket form will be displayed as a dialog box.
  • Enter the Subject, the Customer’s name, or Agent’s name in the ‘Customer’ text box.
  • Fill in the other details and click Create to create the ticket.

Watch this video to learn more:



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