WhatsApp Order Bot Setup Guide


This document provides a comprehensive guide to setting up the WhatsApp Order Bot. Follow the steps outlined to configure your app, integrate WhatsApp, and create a functional order bot for your business.

1. Generate your api_key 

Follow this link to generate api_key on your Yelo account if not already present.

2. Create or Access Your App: 

Start by visiting Meta for Developers > My Apps to either create a new app specifically for this purpose or use an existing app if you have one.

3. Add WhatsApp Product: 

Inside your app’s dashboard, navigate to the “Add Products” section and select WhatsApp if it’s not already added to your app’s capabilities. 

4. Configure WhatsApp:

 In the sidebar, locate the WhatsApp option and click on it. Then, proceed to the “Configuration” tab within the WhatsApp settings.

5. Set Hippo Webhook: 

Under the configuration settings, find the option to set up a webhook.

  • Input the Hippo webhook URL: https://integration.hippochat.io/api/whatsapp/meta/webhook.
  • Set the “hipposecret” as the verification token to ensure secure communication between services

6. Subscribe to Webhook Fields:

Select the specific webhook fields you want to subscribe to for updates. It’s recommended to subscribe to fields like “message_template_status_update” and “messages” to help us stay informed about relevant activities.

7. Add WhatsApp Number: 

Navigate to Whatsapp > API Setup to integrate a phone number with WhatsApp Business into your account. This number will be used for communication and interaction.

8. Generate Permanent Token: 

Create a permanent access token within the developer dashboard. This token will grant your app ongoing access to the WhatsApp Business API. 

  1. Sign into the Meta Business Suite. 
  2. Locate your business account in the top-left dropdown menu and click its Settings (gear) icon. 
  3. Click Business settings.
  4. Navigate to User > System users.
  5. Select the appropriate system user from the list of system users.
  6. Click the Generate new token button.
  7. Select the app that will use the token. 
  8. Select business_management, whatsapp_business_management, whatsapp_business_messaging, public_profile permissions the app needs to function properly and generate the token.
  9. Copy that token for future use.

9. Retrieve Necessary IDs: 

Obtain the essential IDs for your integration:

 – WhatsApp Business ID 

– Phone Number ID 

– Phone Number 

10. Create whatsapp template

  1. Navigate to the Business Template Page and create a WhatsApp template named “wa_template” in the English language.
  2. Set the header as none and paste the following text in the body:

Hi {{1}} 😄👋,

 Welcome to {{2}}, we are happy to assist you. Kindly click on the services option below to proceed👇

  1. You will need to create 3 buttons (2 Visit Website and 1 custom)
  2. For the ‘Place an Order’ button, add your store domain(https://example.store.com)
  3. For the ‘Chat with Us’ button, add https://hippochat.io/

Final Template should have a preview like this


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