Biometric login in Tookan Manager App

Biometric login in Tookan Manager App

You can now have hassle-free login for Tookan Manager App with Biometric feature

Tookan Manager App is a powerful Delivery Management platform. It enables businesses to optimize their day-to-day delivery operations. It facilitates seamless integration between delivery drivers and managers.

The Tookan app menu includes the following:

  •  Profile
  •  Notifications
  •  History
  •  Earnings
  •  Support
  •  Tutorials
  •  Settings

Tookan gives complete control to the admin team to track real-time operations, providing a comprehensive overview of the efficiency and workload of the field force.

We have recently introduced a new add-on to Tookan Manager App which facilitates biometric login

Basically, To enable Biometric login feature in Tookan Manager App, please follow the steps

Firstly, log into the Tookan Maanager App

Biometric Login

Secondly, select the ‘Side Menu’ option

Biometric Login

Select the ‘Profile’ option

Biometric login

Finally, enable the toggle for ‘Biometric Login’

Biometric login

To summarize now, log out from the app and you will find the new login option

Biometric login

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Refer to the demo Video

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