Product Updates 2023

December 2023

Tookan Tracker

Exciting News! The long-awaited Tookan Trackers are making a comeback with an array of features:
Login/sign up on Tookan & enable the Tookan Tracker Add-on from the extensions page.

1. Live GPS tracking

2. Real-time fleet monitoring dashboard 

3. View the real physical address of the car on the Tookan Dashboard

4. Geo-Fence and Overspeed alerts

5. Location tracking via SMS

6. Robust tracker for comprehensive fleet management

7. Inbuilt rechargeable battery

8. Fleet travel history

9. Overspeeding, Harsh braking many more important Alerts 

10. On-road time and stoppage time tracking

11. Low battery alert

12. Waterproof and lightweight design

We provide these features, and numerous others are waiting for you to explore.

Don’t miss out on this powerful tool for efficient fleet management!
Get in touch with us at to know more.

New updates on the Customer PnD App

We’ve heard your feedback and made significant UI/UX updates to our existing Pickup & Delivery (PnD) customer applications. Be the first to experience the enhancements by reaching out to us at for early access to the latest updates.

“Tookan Forms” is now “Customer Web APP

Introducing our upgraded “Customer Web App” – a transformation of the existing “Tookan Forms” extension. With a refreshed UI & UX, we’ve incorporated numerous new features, all at an affordable price of 25 USD per month. Activate the extension today and experience the enhancements!

Address Search bar in Geofence

We have added new functionality on the Geofence screen through which you can directly search the address by using the address string or Latitude-Longitude data. And the corresponding result will be shown on the Maps. This will allow you to search and see the addresses whether they lie inside or outside of the predefined geofence. And also you can determine whether the geofence setup by you is accurate enough to cover all your addresses.

Agent’s/Fleet information on notifications

We have now included Agent details in the following events: Task updates, success, failure, and cancellations. Enjoy the flexibility to customize SMS/email notifications and seamlessly incorporate Agent information into your communications.
To configure this :
Go to Tookan dashboard > Settings > Notifications > edit the notifications of your choice

Ready to dispatch Open API

Using this Open API, you can send push notifications to the Agent Application following the assignment of an agent to a designated task. Additionally, this will also activate a webhook call aligned with the “Ready to dispatch” event.
This feature is designed for cases where you need to inform drivers about the readiness of the order item at the pickup location. This allows drivers to prioritize their pickup tasks accordingly.
Refer to this API documentation for further information.

Paystack Agent Payout

On popular demand, we have integrated Paystack Payment Gateway for the Agents’ Payout flow. Now you can automate the Agent’s earning Payout by configuring Paystack. This extension helps to deposit Agent’s Earning funds directly into their bank account. 

Frayt 3PL

We are now availing Frayt as a 3PL on delivery orchestration extension. Tookan users can now the enable Frayt add-on and push orders to Frayt from Tookan. 

Porter 3PL

We are now availing Porter as a 3PL on delivery orchestration extension. Tookan users can now enable Porter add-on and push orders to Porter from Tookan.

P.S.: refer to the screenshot above

Tap Payment Gateway

TAP is a payment gateway using which you can collect payments from your customers. We have integrated this payment gateway on the customer mobile App & Web App. To know more about this or to integrate this into your App – get in touch with us at

BillPLZ Payment Gateway

BillPLZ is a payment gateway using which you can collect payments from your customers. We have integrated this payment gateway on the customer mobile App & Web App. To know more about this or to integrate this into your App – get in touch with us at

Lahza Payment Gateway

Lahza is a payment gateway using which you can collect payments from your customers. We have integrated this payment gateway on the customer mobile App & Web App. To know more about this or to integrate this into your App – get in touch with us at

November 2023

Customer Wallet in Tookan Forms

Tookan Forms (Tookan Web App) just got even better, with the new Customer wallet feature it’s super easy for the users to create an order with ease. The web form user can add the funds to the wallet effortlessly and securely. The Admin can also add credits/funds to their customer’s Wallet. We made it simple, so it’s a win for both businesses and their customers.

Share your Fleet via Delivery Orchestration

Tookan introduces a game-changing extension – “Share My Fleet” Enrolling as a delivery service provider has never been easier.

  1. Simply visit Tookan’s extensions page, find “Share My Fleet,” activate it,
  2. Fill in the necessary details. Within 48 hours, you’ll be listed as a delivery service provider on Tookan!

Unlock new opportunities, expand your reach, and join the Tookan delivery network effortlessly. Embrace
the future of delivery services with the “Share My Fleet” extension.

Country-wise filter on Delivery Orchestration

Now, users can easily filter and locate integrations specific to their regions. This ensures a seamless experience, allowing individuals to focus on integrations relevant to their respective

Date range filter on the customer Task screen

Your feedback is valuable, and we’ve taken action! The Individual Customers’ Tasks list screen has been enhanced with a new date range filter. Now, you can easily select a one-week date range for efficient task visibility & management.

Updates on Custom Notifications

To provide you with enhanced flexibility and ease, we’ve incorporated Agent-related fields into the configuration options. Now, customizing notification messages is even more powerful. 

To utilize this feature:

  1. Navigate to the Tookan dashboard.
  2. Access settings > notifications.
  3. Configure SMS/Email notifications.
  4. Add tags related to Agent information.
  5. Tailor your message accordingly.

Effortlessly personalize your notifications with the latest Agent-related fields for a more comprehensive and tailored communication experience. Head to the Tookan dashboard now and elevate your notification game!

Easy Fill your Address

A convenient enhancement to the Create Task screen. Now, there’s a handy button added to the Address field. Simply click on this button, and voila! Your current location address will be automatically fetched and filled in the Address section. It’s that easy! This time-saving feature ensures a quick and accurate task-creation process. Stay efficient and effortlessly input your current location details with just one click.

Seamless Integration: Shopify with Tookan

Integrating Shopify with Tookan is now a breeze. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Shopify’s App Store.
  2. Search for “Tookan.”
  3. Install the Tookan App.
  4. You’ll be redirected to the Tookan Login screen.
  5. Signup/Login on Tookan.
  6. Select the billing plan and Approve.

Voila! Your integration is complete. Now, orders will seamlessly flow from Shopify to Tookan, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient process. Experience the ease of integration today!

October 2023

You can now present a personalised message on the Tracking Link following an Agent’s task failure.

To configure the message follow the following steps:
Tookan Dashboard > Settings > Preferences > Tracking Link Settings > Display Text on Task Failure.

Enhanced User Experience on Routes Screen

We’ve introduced Pagination on the routes screen, significantly improving usability and ensuring a seamless user experience. With this update, you can expect smoother navigation and reduced loading times on the routes screen. If you rely on route optimization, this enhancement will be of particular benefit to you, eliminating any previous lag or loading issues.

“Customer Last Name” Tag in notifications

Previously, when configuring SMS, email, or WhatsApp notifications, there was no tag available for the customer’s last name. However, we have now introduced a new tag in the notification configuration specifically for the customer’s last name. This empowers administrators to tailor emails and SMS messages to their unique use cases, providing a more personalized and customizable communication experience.

Improved iPad User Experience

We’ve made significant enhancements to the UI/UX of Tookan for iPad users. We recognized that the previous UI/UX design presented numerous operational challenges on iPads, making it at times nearly unusable. Your feedback has been invaluable, and in response, we’ve revamped the iPad user interface to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Hourly Earning Enhancement

We’ve addressed a critical issue in hourly earning calculations that affected specific use cases. Some businesses, operating across extended hours, spanning from one day to the next (e.g., 11 AM today to 3 AM tomorrow), faced challenges. The existing hourly earning system calculated an Agent’s earnings only at the end of the day (11:59 PM), which didn’t accommodate businesses with late working hours.

To address this, we’ve introduced an add-on feature for hourly earnings. With this enhancement, you can define your business hours and specify when your shift concludes for the day. As a result, the system now accurately calculates and displays earnings to riders in alignment with your business’s unique setup. This update ensures that your earning calculations accurately reflect your working hours, providing a more customized and precise experience. 

UX Enhancements on customer Tasks’ view

In response to user feedback, we’ve introduced a date range filter on the single customer’s tasks screen. This enhancement enables you to select a date range of up to 7 days, allowing you to conveniently view and manage a week’s worth of tasks at a glance. This addition simplifies task tracking and ensures a more efficient and user-friendly experience for our users. 

We are now availing Fatafat and Borzo as a 3PL on delivery orchestration extension. Tookan users can now enable Fatafat or Borzo add-on and push orders to Fatafat or Borzo from Tookan.

PayPal Agent’s Payout

On popular demand, we have integrated Paypal Payment Gateway for the Agents’ Payout flow. Now you can automate the Agent’s earning Payout by configuring Paypal. This extension helps to deposit Agent’s Earning funds directly into their bank account.

September 2023

Tookan Tracker

Tookan Tracker is a new add-on feature for Tookan that gives you real-time visibility into your fleet operations. Track the exact location of your vehicles and drivers, view movement history, and get in-depth insights into driver behaviour, fuel consumption, and more.

Improve fleet efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve customer service with Tookan Tracker. 
We will release the Tracker Brochure and Pricing details soon.

Customize Task Pane in Map View

Now you can choose what information is shown in each Task tile in the “Map View” of your Task Pane. This gives you more control over how you see your tasks and makes it easier to find the information you need quickly.

To choose information for your Task Pane in Map View kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings > Preferences > Task Pane Customisation

2. Select the options you want to view for pickup and delivery tasks

Task Sequence in Mission

We are excited to announce our new task sequence feature for missions. This feature allows you to sequence the tasks in a mission so that they are completed in a specific order. This is a great way to ensure that tasks are completed correctly and efficiently and that agents don’t start working on tasks that are not yet ready.

To enable a task sequence in a mission:

  1. Go to Settings > Preferences > Mission settings
  2. Check the “Enable task sequence” box.
  3. You can then drag and drop the tasks in the mission to sequence them.

Once a task sequence is enabled, agents will only be able to see and work on the current task in the sequence. Once the current task is completed, the next task in the sequence will be unlocked.

For example, if a mission has 3 tasks assigned to 3 different Agents, task 1 will be assigned to Agent A, task 2 to Agent B, and task 3 to Agent C respectively. When task sequence is enabled, Agent B will not be able to start working on task 2 until Agent A has completed task 1. Similarly, Agent C will not be able to start working on Task 3 until Agent B has completed Task 2 and so on.

New UI for Tookan Forms

We’ve updated the UI of Tookan’s forms to make them more user-friendly and visually appealing with a modern design.

Bulk import in Agent Wallet

Now you can conveniently import a large number of Agent wallet transactions at once using CSV files. This allows you to add or subtract amounts from the wallets of multiple Agents simultaneously, making your tasks more efficient.

Added New fields in the Task report

Task Creation date & time” is the new field added to the export data report for tasks, so that the user can track when the task was created.

Optimized Routes report & filter

Now we can export the optimized route details in CSV format and we have also added a Filter on this screen, through which the user can filter the routes concerning teams and agents.

Scan to view” Enhancement

Now Agents and Managers can conveniently access the “Scan to View” option directly from the top of the Task details screen.

Manager Application
Agent Mobile Application

Extensions/Third-party Integrations

We have added the following extensions and integrations to our platform:

  1. GIG Logistics– We have integrated GiGL as a 3PL under our Delivery Orchestration extension. GiG Logistics is a 3rd party logistics service provider that allows you to carry out your deliveries.
  2. Okta single sign-on in customer application- Okta Integration will allow your customers to sign up on your customer app using their Okta Account with one touch, without going through the hassle of filling in their social details.
  3. SkipCash-SkipCash is a payment gateway using which you can collect payments from your customers.
  4. PayU Latam-PayU LATAM is a payment gateway using which you can collect payments from your customers.

Tech Upgrades

  1. Agent App IOS updates: Our latest enhancements for the iOS Agent Application include an Xcode update, ensuring that the Agent Application is fully compatible with iOS 17. This means that our technology is up-to-date and in sync with the latest iOS developments, offering a seamless and optimized experience for all users.
  2. AngularJS to Angular 16: We have completed a significant upgrade, transitioning from AngularJS to Angular 16 while adopting the H2 Protocol. This ensures our technology is not only up-to-date but also offers improved performance and user experiences.

August 2023

We’re excited to share that you can now display the Agent’s Rating to your valued customers through the tracking link. To set this kindly ensure the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings>Preferences>Traking Pane Customisation
  2. From the dropdown menu, select “Average Fleet Rating”.

Fixes and optimizations

  • Agent Availability Status

In response to user feedback, we have addressed an issue where when administrators made changes to an agent’s availability from the admin dashboard, the agent’s current status was unintentionally being overwritten from “Busy” to “Free.” We are pleased to inform you that this issue has been successfully resolved with the latest update. Your agent availability status will now be accurately maintained.

  • Optimized Customers’ Task screen

We have significantly improved the performance of the customer-specific Tasks view within the Admin dashboard. It now loads in half the time as before, resulting in a 50% reduction in loading time. This enhancement allows Admins to swiftly access and search for Tasks generated by individual customers using the Job ID.

  • Improvements in Tasks Bulk import via CSV

When uploading tasks in bulk via a CSV file, we’ve implemented improvements to enhance speed and efficiency. Previously, we would spend additional time processing empty rows in the CSV, causing delays. However, our system now seamlessly disregards any empty rows in your CSV file. As a result, your task import process will be expedited, ultimately saving you valuable time.

  • Show single-task fix

We’ve corrected a specific scenario where enabling “Show single task” alongside an extension in the Agent App caused multiple tasks to appear. This was not the intended behaviour, and we’ve now resolved this issue. Your Agent App will now display tasks accordingly when enabled “Show single task”.

  • AutoAllocation Enhancement

We’re excited to share that we’ve made significant improvements to our Task AutoAllocation system. Our team has fine-tuned the code behind it, resulting in more efficient task allocation. This means tasks will now be assigned even more effectively, ensuring a smoother and faster workflow for everyone involved. Your task allocation experience just got better!

July 2023

Added Customer Rating Event in Notifications

Introducing the “Customer Rating” event in notifications. This event will automatically trigger and promptly share the customer’s ratings with the Admin user via SMS, Email, and Webhook when a customer rates their order delivery. Timely feedback will empower Admin users to improve services continually & optimize their operations with this valuable insight-gathering tool. To enable this event go to the Admin panel “Settings” menu> “Notifications” > “Additional Notifications.”

Added Time Filter in Task Export CSV

With this feature, admin users and managers can now export task data within a 48-hour time range. You have to simply set the start and end times, and the CSV will include tasks falling within this period. To export the CSV: Go to Task List view > Click on the “Export CSV” button > Select “Custom Selection” option > Select the date range between 48 hours > Check the “Include Time” box > Enter the start and end time > Click on Done

Order ID Mapping in Agent Wallet

Now, when creating tasks on Tookan, if the order ID is added, the corresponding task’s earnings or pricing entry in the Agent wallet logs on the dashboard will be linked to the order ID. This allows easy tracking and identification. The order ID will be displayed under the remarks section for each entry. Simplify record-keeping and gain clear insights into earnings with this valuable feature.

Agent Earning on Task failure

We have added the feature where Admin/Manager users can choose to give the Agent Earnings of the Tasks that are marked Failed by the Agent. 

New Languages in Agent Application

We have expanded our Agent Application’s language support by adding Sinhala and Tamil options. Agents can now conveniently use the mobile application in their preferred language, enhancing user experience and accessibility. Enjoy seamless communication and navigation with these latest language additions.
To choose a change: Go to Tookan Agent Application > Side menu>Settings > Language

Bug Fixes

  1. Auto Allocation in Tookan Logistics: Previously, a setting in preferences allowed bulk auto assignment of connected tasks to the same Agent, affecting first-mile, last-mile, and middle-mile tasks when the Tookan Logistics extension was enabled. Now, with the issue resolved, auto-assignment will only apply to the first mile, ensuring seamless allocation and smoother task management.
  2. Create Task Open API: Previously, sending an object in the Job description via Open API triggered a “SQL Parse error” due to the system expecting an object but receiving a string. Now, this issue is resolved by updating the open API to handle both object and string inputs in the job description field seamlessly.
  3. Edit task after start: Previously, when an Agent started a task and it was later modified by the Admin/Manager, the original timestamp of the task start was overwritten with the modification date and time. We’ve fixed this issue, ensuring that the initial timestamp of the task start remains intact even after edits.

June 2023

Account Logs-Webhook Logs Access for Merchants

Now admin can access webhook logs for their merchants as well. This will provide the admin with valuable insights into the webhook activities associated with each specific merchant. To view these logs:

Go to the Tookan admin dashboard>Settings > Account Logs > Select Webhooks>Select a merchant.

Manager Access Control: Permission for viewing account logs

We have added a new permission of “Read Account Logs” in the Manager’s Access Control Permission list. This permission will allow managers to view “Account Logs” in the manager panel. To provide this access to the managers: Go to Settings > Access Control > Manager>Add/edit Role> Settings Permission>Enable “Read Account Logs“.

Once enabled, managers will be able to access and view the “Account Logs”.  Kindly refer the screenshots below:

Agent Manual Assignment: Added filter of wallet balance

We are excited to announce a new feature in the Agent Manual Assignment screen. You can now filter Agents based on their wallet balance. This filter allows you to exclude Agents who have reached their daily wallet limit when assigning tasks. Read here to know about agent wallet.

Route Optimization: RO By Geofence Enhancement

We have made improvements to the “RO By Geofence” feature in route optimization. Previously, users had to draw a new geofence every time they wanted to use it. Now, we offer two options:

1. Draw Geofence: Users can create a custom geofence as before.
2. Select Predefined Geofence: Users can choose from existing geofences already saved on the platform.

This update gives users more flexibility and makes it easier to use the Route Optimization feature with geofences. They can either draw their own geofence or select one from the available options.

Agent Hourly Earnings: Added Agent Login/Logout Time Data

We have added new fields in the Agent Hourly Earnings Report. Admin will now be able to get the Agent’s First Login time and Last Logout time for the day. The same data can also be exported via CSV file. 

May 2023

Tookan Forms

  1. We have optimized the login/signup flow on the booking form resulting in a substantial reduction in form loading time from 15-20 seconds to just 3 seconds.
  2. The web booking form CSV export report has been updated to include two additional fields: Actual Started Time and Actual Delivery Time. These fields indicate the specific time when the agent initiated the pickup and completed the delivery, respectively.

Tookan Admin Dashboard

1) Theme Settings

The UI of “Theme settings” under Preferences>Dashboard settings has been revamped. Kindly refer to the screenshots below.

2) Assign Agent UI Revamp on the admin dashboard

The UI of the “Assign agent” screen on the Tookan admin dashboard has been revamped. Kindly refer to the new screens below:

Assign from own fleet screen:

Assign third-party fleet screen:

3. Teams & FreeLancer Filters – Agents

Now you can filter the Agents w.r.t their Teams & also segregate the Captive & Freelancer Agents with this new filter on the Agent section in the dashboard. 

Agent Type filter
Teams filter
4. Location Search Enhancement

While creating a Task on the dashboard, the pickup and delivery address suggestions were taking some time to load. We have fixed this and improved the load time significantly here. Now, you can experience no lag whilst creating tasks.

5. Quick Access Tab

We have added a new quick-access dropdown on the top right side of the dashboard.

Get Nearby Agents – API

If a user wants to display the estimated distance of an agent who is close to their customer’s current location within their own customer application or web form, they can utilize this API. By using this API, users can fetch the nearby fleet locations of agents based on the given latitude and longitude, within a radius of up to 100 kilometres. This API enables users to retrieve information about available agents in close proximity to efficiently serve their customers. Click here for documentation.

Agent Earning Update – Manager Application

We have added the feature where Admin/Manager users can choose to give the Driver Earnings of the specific Tasks that are marked successful from the Manager Application. 


Customer Mobile Application-Advanced Search Filter

We have added an advanced search filter to search for tasks. Click here to see the previous and updated screens. Please note: For any existing clients who are willing to have these screens on their customer application, kindly drop an email to for the same.

April 2023

Task Bulk Export CSV

Previously, our Task report CSV did not include Task Failure and Cancel Reasons. However, we have recently added this feature, and you can now view the failed and cancelled reasons for the corresponding tasks when you export the report. Please find a sample CSV report attached for your reference.

Sample CSVDownload

New Add-on to Agent Schedule Extension: In-App Notifications for Shift Reminders

We have introduced a new Add-on to the “Agent Schedule” extension. With this update, you can now configure in-app notifications to be sent to agents as reminders to start their shifts. This feature will serve as a helpful reminder to agents to turn themselves on duty.

To use this feature, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the “Extensions” page and activate the “Control Agent schedule“.
  2. Click on Next in the configuration dialogue box, and you will see the “Send Reminder” option. Choose the time before the shift starts to send the in-app reminder.
  3.  Configure the Message content 

We hope this new feature will be useful and make the scheduling process even smoother for you and your team.

New Feature: Bulk Import of Parcels via CSV in Logistics Flow

We have introduced a new feature in the Logistics flow to simplify the parcel creation process. You can now create parcels in bulk by importing them via CSV. This feature is now available in the Logistics flow, and you can use it similarly to the bulk import feature in the usual Tookan flow.

UI/UX Update: Improved Geofence Section on Add Geofence Screen

We have made some updates to the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) of the Geofence section on the settings page. Kindly refer to the screenshots below:


Debit option in Customer Wallet

With this update, Admin users now have the option to both credit and debit funds from an individual customer’s wallet. Previously, Admin users could only credit the amount to a customer’s wallet.

Team ID Column Added to Bulk Import CSV for Task Allocation Preferences

We have added a new column to the Bulk Import CSV file titled “Team ID”. The new “Team ID” field enables the addition of the registered team’s ID from the dashboard. This allows for task allocation preferences to be set for a particular team.

In addition to this, individual team IDs can also be added for specific tasks. We believe that this feature will simplify the process of task allocation and help to streamline your workflow.

Sample Bulk task import file

Admin Users Can Now Update Agent Schedules from the Extensions Page

Admin users now can update the default schedule of agents directly from the “Control Agent Schedule” Extensions page by clicking on the ‘Configure‘ button.

Account Logs to Track Agent Verification History in Tookan White Labelled Accounts

The ‘Agent Signup Verification‘ feature prohibits newly signed-up agents from using the application until an admin or manager verifies it has been updated. Admin users can now track which manager has verified which agent using the new feature in the account logs.

To access this feature, please go to Dashboard > Settings > Account Logs > Agent Signup Verification.

We believe that this feature will provide greater visibility and control to admin users, allowing them to effectively manage the verification process. Please note that this update is applicable for white-labeled agent application users only.

“Scan to View” Tasks in the Agent App

This new feature update for the Agent App enables agents to scan barcodes to view corresponding tasks. If the task is assigned to the agent, they will be redirected to it directly. If not, an error message will be displayed to the agent.

This feature will make it easier for agents to locate and access specific tasks from a large list.

To enable this feature, please go to Extensions > Search for “Scan to Assign and Scan to View” > Activate & Configure accordingly.

Once activated the “Scan To View” option will be visible in the side menu of the agent mobile application.

March 2023

Customer wallet

  1. Option to export transactions as CSV

Now in addition to PDF format admin users can also export customer wallet transactions including the current balance, transaction history, and other relevant data in a CSV file format. This will help our clients with record-keeping, accounting, and analysis to gain insights into their customer’s payment behaviour and make informed decisions. To export the data in CSV kindly follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Login to the Tookan admin dashboard
  2. Go to the “Settings” menu
  3. Open the ‘Customer Wallet’ tab
  4. Click on the export icon “” in the top right corner of the screen
  5. Select the option of ‘CSV’ in the dialogue box and click on ‘Export’.
  6. Your CSV file will be downloaded to your device.

Kindly refer to the screenshots below:

Here is a sample CSV file attached for your reference: Sample-Customer-Wallet-CSV-export

Please note: To access this feature you must activate the customer wallet extension first for your Tookan account. Read more to know about customer wallet extension here.

    2.  Filter for payment type

We have added a new filter for payment types in the customer wallet section on the admin dashboard. This update will allow admin users to easily apply, view, and export data filtered by payment types:

  • All
  • Credit
  • Debit

Promo Code

Now you can delete old promo codes from the Tookan admin dashboard. Earlier admin users were not able to delete old promo codes, which resulted in a cluttered view on the ‘Promotions’ page. With this update, admin users can easily delete or remove previously created promo codes from their system. To delete a promo code kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the Tookan admin dashboard
  2. Go to the “Settings” menu
  3. Open the ‘Customer Apps’ tab
  4. Go to the ‘Promotions’ tab
  5. Click on the three-dot icon for a promo code you wish to delete
  6. Click on ‘Delete’

Kindly refer to the screenshot below:

Delivery Orchestration

We have integrated two new third-party delivery management systems Uber & Grab with Tookan for Delivery Orchestration.

February 2023


We have added a new “Event” for notifications that you can send to your customers. This notification event is for “Cancelled” tasks and will be sent to your customers when a task is cancelled. This notification can be sent via SMS, email, WhatsApp and Webhook.

To enable and configure this event you must go to the Tookan admin dashboard>>Side menu>>Settings>>Notifications>>Enable event-Cancelled>>Edit to customize

Google CFR in route optimization

Remember we added the option to use Google CFR for route optimization in January 2023. We have added an update to it.

Yes, now you have the option to configure route optimization via Google CFR using either your own keys or Tookan keys. If you wish to configure Google CFR with Tookan keys simply enable the “Use Tookan keys” toggle on the route optimization configuration screen under the “Use Google CFR” option. Kindly refer to the screenshot below:

Kindly note: If you choose to enable and use Tookan keys for Google CFR, you will be charged USD 0.15 per task in addition to your Tookan subscription.

Tookan Customer Mobile Application

Tookan’s Customer Mobile Application is now multilingual.

The default language of the customer mobile application is English. You can switch to your preferred language from the “Profile” section of the mobile application.

Kindly note that to see these changes in the existing customer application, you must update the customer mobile application to the latest version.

Tookan customer application
Tookan customer application

January 2023

Task Rescheduling Feature in Agent SDK

The Task Rescheduling feature allows agents to reschedule tasks, which gives the agent the flexibility to rearrange a task based on the customer’s availability thereby reducing manual administrative work. Use case applicable for this can be a situation where a customer is not present at the delivery address or pre-scheduled appointments. Kindly refer to the agent application screenshots on rescheduling a task below:

Agents will get this option in the mobile application only after the task reschedule option is activated from the Tookan admin dashboard.

To activate this feature, go to Tookan Admin Dashboard> Settings > Agent App > Enable Task Reschedule. If you also want agents to provide a reason for rescheduling, you can enable the “Task Reschedule Reason

Activating Agent Task Reschedule option

Merchant’s Customers Filter 

Now the admin users can filter and view customers created by the Merchants. We have added a filter named “All Merchant’s Customers” under the “Customer” section of the Admin Dashboard to facilitate this differentiation. Kindly refer to the screenshot below:

Google CFR option in Route Optimization

In Tookan we use Mappr for Route Optimization. Now we have also added the option of Google CFR in the route optimization extension. Now the users will have the flexibility to choose between Google CFR and Mappr for route optimization.

Delivery Orchestration

We have integrated two third-party delivery management systems Gogox & Uparcel with Tookan for Delivery Orchestration.

Update in Agent Earning 

We have added a feature where the Admin users can choose to give the Driver Earnings of the Tasks that are marked successful from the Admin Dashboard.

Admin can choose to give the earnings for a specific task to the respective Agent by enabling the earning pricing toggle for that task as shown in the screenshot below. To calculate the earning manually you need to enable the toggle. 

Petpooja two-way integration

We have now enabled two-way integration between Petpooja and Tookan such that status updates for a task created in Tookan for an order in Petpooja will now be sent to the Petpooja system. Earlier the integration was one way wherein for any order created in Petpooja only a task was created in Tookan. Read more about the extension here:

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