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Search APIs

In Search API we provide geocoding APIs for users to search for addresses on maps. Our Search API automatically parses addresses, intersections, and adds missing letters, and provides the most accurate results.


Main API features:

  • Partial address recognition: Automatically parse addresses, and intersections, and add missing letters
  • Highest Possible Accuracy: Accuracy competes with and even exceeds the accuracy of Google’s geocoding
  • Quick Response
  • Covers most of the world: You can get data from the API for any point on earth.


How does it work?

The Search API converts street addresses or any other human addresses to latitude and longitude coordinates. For example, Address-“1677 Easton Rd, Willow Grove, PA 19090, USA” can be converted into geographic coordinates like 40.1349979,-75.1228148 using this API.

Migration from Google Geocoding API

It is very easy to migrate from Google Geocoding API since the Geocoding API request is similar to the Google Geocoding API request format. 


Parameters Required

Name Type Description
fm_token String Enter Mappr token available in Mappr dashboard
text String Enter keyword or the name of the place you want to search
currentlatitude numeric Enter current latitude
currentlongitude numeric Enter current longitude
type String type can be Android, iOS or Web
radius number It will restrict the search results within the given radius(in Km).
Note: current latitude and current longitude are required to show the nearest search results first



To use the Search API, perform a GET request on the following endpoints:<your api key here>&text=delhi&currentlatitude=30.6965578&currentlongitude=76.8836149&radius=500



Name Type Description
data Array of objects Complete information of the searched place
name string Name of the place
address string Address of the place
position object Passing latitude and longitude
lat numeric Latitude of the search location
lng numeric Longitude of the search location
bounds object Bounds of the searched place

The Search API returns the following result in a JSON format.

      "message": "Successful",
      "status": 200,
      "data": [
          "name": "Delhi",
          "address": "India",
          "position": {
            "lat": "28.6273928",
            "lng": "77.1716954"
          "bounds": {
            "min_lat": "28.404625",
            "min_lng": "28.8834464",
            "max_lat": "76.8388351",
            "max_lng": "77.3463006"
          "lat": 28.6273928,
          "lng": 77.1716954
          "name": "Delhi",
          "address": "Central Delhi, Delhi, India",
          "position": {
            "lat": "28.6517178",
            "lng": "77.2219388"
          "bounds": {
            "min_lat": "28.4917178",
            "min_lng": "28.8117178",
            "max_lat": "77.0619388",
            "max_lng": "77.3819388"
          "lat": 28.6517178,
          "lng": 77.2219388
          "name": "Delhi",
          "address": "Nandubar, Maharashtra, India",
          "position": {
            "lat": "21.5766266",
            "lng": "73.934463"
          "bounds": {
            "min_lat": "21.4584209",
            "min_lng": "21.6565955",
            "max_lat": "73.9133997",
            "max_lng": "73.9519009"
          "lat": 21.5766266,
          "lng": 73.934463

Link to API documentation:

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