What is Mappr?

Mappr is a Mapping Infrastructure that provides the largest inventory of APIs & SDKs beyond just Maps, Custom Routes, Search, Address Cleansing, Live Tracking, Route Optimise, and Predictive ETA.

We provide the following APIs:

  1. Search API: In search API we provide geocoding APIs for users to search for addresses on maps. Our Geocoding API automatically parses addresses, and intersections add missing letters, and provides the most accurate results.
  2. Reverse Search API: In reverse search API, we provide the reverse geocoding APIs to convert coordinates to human-readable addresses.
  3. Distance Matrix API: This API enables you to calculate, evaluate and plan your routes to improve your customers’ online experience and enhance your business efficiency.
  4. Directions API: This API acts as an extension to the Distance API. It provides directions between the coordinates of the selected points.
  5. Matrix API: This API gives a distance between many points.

Mappr also is a route optimizer built specifically for delivery agents/drivers who visit multiple stops. Mappr helps delivery businesses plan better routes so they can save time, money, and frustration. You can benefit from using us if:

  • Route planning is taking time and attention away from other aspects of the business

  • You want to save money on fuel

  • You want to handle more deliveries without adding more agents or vehicles

  • Customers are complaining about late or missed deliveries

  • Customers want to know when to expect their deliveries

  • Your delivery operations feel inefficient and stressful

Mappr is designed to be the easiest-to-use route optimization platform on the market. If you’ve been getting by with spreadsheets and free mapping solutions, here’s what Mappr can add:

  • Plan multiple routes at once

  • One-click dispatch of routes to agents using our mobile app

  • Easily reassign stops and re-optimize routes when things change during the day

  • Accommodate delivery time windows and different driver schedules

  • Optimize your routes to take less time, cover less distance or use fewer vehicles depending on your business priorities

  • Plan around vehicle types and capacities

  • Let your customers know when to expect their deliveries, and when they’ve been completed

  • Track delivery progress throughout the day

If you haven’t already, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial Mappr Sign up — no credit card needed and no strings attached!

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