City Level Config

City config allows you to define delivery charges at the city level. You can also assign different merchants to a city and then can assign the city to a manager to carry out its daily operations.

  • Geofence: A geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. Different geofences can be assigned to a single city. To add Geofence, follow these steps:
    • Configure > City Config > Geofence
    • Select Geofence type between Geofence and City Boundary
    • Search the map for city you want to geofence
    • Enter Region Name and Description and click on Save
    • You can also sync Geofence from Tookan by clicking on the blue button in the Geofence page
  • Manage Cities: A city consists of multiple geofences assigned. You can define delivery charges to be applied to custom orders placed in this city. Delivery charges can be of 2 types:
    • Static
    • Dynamic – Defined in the template defined on Tookan.

Once you add geofence, you can add a city by clicking on the button on the right corner of the Manage Cities page.

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