If this feature is enabled, then the Admin allows the Customer to cancel the Order according to the policies defined. The Customer will get an option in the orders section to cancel the Order. The Admin can also charge the customers a cancellation fee at the time of cancellation. The price will be defined according to the stage of cancellation. Different locations in the cancellation policy are:-


  1. Order pending:- Here, the policies for the order cancellation at the Order pending stage will be defined.
  2. Order Accepted:- Here, the order cancellation policies after the order acceptance will be defined. The time-based cancellation charges can also be determined here.
  3. Order dispatched:- Here, the policy of cancellation after the order dispatch will define.

Cancellation reason

The Customer also needs to define the reason for cancellation while canceling an order. The reason can be predefined, or the Customer can provide a custom reason according to the Admin’s policies.

Steps to configure Cancellation:-

  1. Go to the configure >> Order settings >> Cancellation.
  2. Enable the Toggle on the top right-hand corner to enable the order cancellation.
  3. Now go to the cancellation reason and choose if the Customer needs to give a custom reason or select from the predefined grounds for cancellation.
  4. Next, you need to create a cancellation policy. To make the system enable the Toggle.
  5. Once enabled now, Click on add a new policy.
  6. After clicking on adding a new policy, a popup will appear.
  7. In the popup, define the create the cancellation policy.
  8. Once created, the Customer will be able to cancel the Order, and he will charge according to the policy.

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