Cancelation Reason while canceling order from admin/merchant/manager dashboard 

The admin/merchant/manager can add the cancellation reason while canceling or rejecting the order from the admin dashboard. This reason also will export in the order CSV.


1> Go to the admin dashboard on the side module >> configure >> order settings >> enable the toggle and add the policy.Cancelation Reason


2> Now go to the General module >>orders >> click on drop-down option on order status >> click on cancelled.Cancelation Reason


3> click on the yes button.Cancelation Reason


4>  Add the cancellation reason in the text box >> click on submit.Cancelation Reason


5> This reason can be exported in the order CSV and the same you can see under order details.
Cancelation Reason

In the same way, the merchant and manager can also add the cancellation reason.

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