I’m getting continuous loading issue in SSL. How to fix that?
This can be due to below reasons:

  • Domain pointing is done and SSL are not implemented.
  • Domain pointing is done, SSL are there but the client has logged in his account on admin.yelo.red.(ask to login using his white labelled domain)

In case of 2nd, ask the client to login on his whitelabelled pointed domain.

How to setup Domain Pointing (Dashboard and webapp pointing)?

  • Create CNAME record (ex: www.domain.name) and point it to lb.yelo.red (this is for the web app )
  • Create CNAME record (ex: admin.domain.name) and point it to admin.yelo.red (this is for admin- admin.yelo.red
  • Create CNAME record (ex: agent.domain.com ) and point it to app.tookanapp.com

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