Delivery Configurations

Here, you can define delivery settings, including delivery mode, serving area, delivery time, delivery charge, and Tookan delivery management system. Fields you can specify here include:

  1. Delivery Modes: Choose from the takeaway, home delivery, or pick & drop as the delivery modes available in your platform.
  2. Define Serving Area: Define your store’s serving area. Customer’s outside your set delivery area won’t be able to place orders on your store. You can also choose the No Serving Restrictions option if you serve everywhere.
  3. Delivery Time: Define the default time taken for any order delivery on your platform. Time will be notified to the Customer while placing an order to be aware of when the Order will deliver.
  4. Delivery Charge: Define the default delivery Charge taken for providing any order/service at the Customer’s address.
  5. Enable Delivery Management System: Here, you can enable Tookan, a delivery management system. Tookan allows you to manage all your delivery operations by tracking vehicles, optimizing routes, and automating dispatch, delivery, and scheduling.

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