Master Brand

With the feature of Master Brand in Yelo, admins can now create a master catalog for multiple merchants. They can manage the catalog and inventory at their end or provide inventory management access to the merchants.

The catalog that is set by the admin under the master catalog will be reflected for all the merchants selected. This feature can be helpful for the admin to manage all merchants with the same brand.

Please follow the steps mentioned below to set up your master catalog:

1) You can go to Configure > Order Settings > Catalog and enable the Master Brand toggle.

2) Now go to General > Master Brand and add a Brand Name.

3) Here you can click on the action button and assign it to a merchant.

4) After that click on the brand name and add your catalog.

5) After adding the products, you can toggle it to Universal or Merchant. Universal means that only the admin can manage/edit the catalog and inventory and the inventory toggle allows you to manage the inventory and quantity for any products.

If you toggle it to Merchant and turn on the inventory toggle, this would allow the merchants to manage their inventories at their end.

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