1. Why is a merchant on my platform not visible on the web page?

    This happens when the admin has set a serving radius and the merchant is not a part of the mentioned serving radius.

  2. Why are admin/merchants unable to create an order for service marketplace?

    They can only create orders in the product marketplace

  3. Why are merchants unable to add their card details on the merchant dashboard.

    To add the card details, kindly follow this: Accounts> Billing> Add card.

    *Client needs to enable Commission from the Admin dashboard, so please follow below steps to allow your merchants to add the bank details:

    • Enable Commission under Order settings > Commission
    • Set the commission value
    • Set Commission transfer as online
    • Set “Payout Schedule” and realtime.
  4. Can a merchant manage his own deliveries?

    To allow your merchants to manage their own delivery you need to enable the “merchant delivery management by Tookan” toggle in the Yelo. Kindly follow this to enable it:- Configure> Order settings> Delivery> Merchant delivery management by Tookan

  5. Why are customer details not being fetched when I try to create an order from the merchant dashboard?

    Merchant can only place an order for a customer who has previously ordered from that store

  6. Why is the scheduled time not visible for some of the orders received by a merchant?

    In the case of multiple services in a single task, the scheduled time is not displayed on the outer screen. It will be displayed in order details screen

  7. Can I add coupons/discounts for specific merchants?

    Yes, you can do that by going to Merchants > Configuration > Discount

  8. How to delete a review on a Merchant’s account that is not relative to their services?

    This can currently only be done from the back end. Admins are presently not provided with the authority to do this on their own.

  9. Why is the analytics option not showing up in the dashboard?

    This can happen if the admin has enabled multiple currency options.

  10. How does Apple login work?

    If the client has enabled any social media log-in, iOS users would be able to log in.

  11. A user wants to add their company name and tax details for a particular order on the order receipt. Can this be done?

    Yes, this can be done under Configure> General Settings> Notifications

  12. Why is the preorder tag is visible to some restaurants and is not visible to others?

    The Preorder tag is only visible to those restaurants that have enabled Scheduling.

  13. How to remove a review from the merchant’s store?

    This can only be done from the backend. Reach out to our support team for help.

  14. Can multiple merchants be onboarded together?

    Yes, make use of the CSV file template to onboard multiple merchants together.

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